Natural resources - Gift from nature

What are natural resources?

Natural resources are something which come from nature and people cannot make natural resources, but they can collect it. Some examples natural resources are water, wood, iron, and coal. Some resources like hydroelectric energy are not natural because they are made by people.

Natural resources are classified into 2 categories:

  1. Renewable natural resources
  2. Non-Renewable natural resources

Renewable resources are those which can be generated again after it is used. For example water, wood and sunlight are some examples of renewable resources.

A non-renewable resource is that which exhausts after frequent usage and sometimes it takes a long time to get generated like natural gas. One of the examples of a non-renewable natural resource is coal. Just like coal, there are many natural resources that are limited which means they cannot be recycled again. Most of the non-renewable resources cannot be recycled and thus it is important in the conservation of natural resources. There are some natural resources which have very high demand but with less availability.

Some non-renewable natural resources are:

  • Fossil fuels: Natural resources like coal, natural gas and petroleum can be over someday i.e. they are exhaustible. It takes millions of years for a dead organism to get converted into fuels. They are consumed at a much faster rate than the rate by which it is formed. The excess burning of fossil fuels leads to air pollution as it gives out carbon dioxide which is a greenhouse gas

Conservation of Natural Resources

It is very important that these natural resources are conserved as they are getting exhausted at an alarming rate. Apart from that, it is having an adverse effect on the environment which is indirectly causing harm to live beings. By following the below tips, we can conserve the natural resources:

  • Minimize the use of vehicles
  • Use water sparingly and do not waste water

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