Uses of Sulfuric Acid

Sulfuric acid is the king of chemicals. It is a chemical which is oily liquid. It is viscous in nature. It is not expensive and is used widely. It is soluble in water and is part of acid rain. It is chemically represented as H2SO4. It is mostly used in making fertilizers. Sulfuric acid gives rise to phosphoric acid which produces phosphate fertilizers. Let’s see some of the other uses of sulfuric acid

Uses of sulfuric acid

It is formed through a natural process. When sulphide mineral in the rock oxidizes, sulfuric acid is formed. Sulfuric acid is strongly acidic. Therefore it is used in cleaning of metals, removal of impurities from oil, manufacturing of chemicals – nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, synthesis of dye, drugs, detergents explosives etc. Below are the four important uses of sulfuric acid in various ways:

  • Sulfuric acid uses at home
  • Sulfuric acid uses in industry
  • Sulfuric acid uses drugs
  • Sulfuric acid on skin

Sulfuric acid uses at home:

It is very dangerous chemical and should be handled carefully. Because of such nature its uses at home are very few. It is used in drain cleaners with reactive property and hence makes home maintenance easy

Sulfuric acid uses in industry:

It is used in different industries such as – wastewater processing, production of cleaning agents, processing of minerals, producing explosives, detergents and paper industry for the manufacture of aluminium sulfate

Sulfuric acid uses drugs:

Used to damage the cancerous cell DNA by the manufacture of chemotherapy drugs. It is used in ointments to treat various skin infections. It is the basic ingredient of topical ointment named Debacterol in the treatment of canker sores

Sulfuric acid on skin:

It is used in skin ointments to treat skin infections like canker sores. Concentrated sulfuric acid is harmful for skin. It causes severe skin burn and injury.

Other applications are – it is used in manufacture of batteries, detergents like trisodium phosphate, potato farming, printing ink, as a dehydrating agent, making paper, perfume, disinfectants, drugs etc.

This was a brief on sulfuric acid uses in our daily life. To know more about the uses of sulfuric acid download the BYJU’S – the learning app.

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