Application for Advance Salary: Check the Format & Sample Letters

Asking for an advanced salary might be a little embarrassing but at times we will have to ask for the salary in advance when in need. In order to request an advance salary from your employer, you will have to go through a format. The employee has to write an application for an advanced salary to the employer and explain the need for the money.

How to Write an Application for Advance Salary?

An application for advance salary is a type of formal letter which should be written to the employer mentioning the details of the amount you need, and also the reason for which you are requesting the advance money. Since the letter is written to the employer, and you are requesting an advanced salary, you will have to maintain a formal and humble tone. You can take an advance salary for various reasons like for major functions, for personal reasons, etc. It is better to take the salary in advance rather than taking a loan from other people or banks.

A salary advance request letter is written similar to writing a leave application for personal work to our employer. In order to write the application, you will have to add the details like the sender’s address, the receiver’s address, the amount needed by you and the reason for taking the advance salary.

Salary Advance Letter Format

The format of writing a salary advance letter is similar to that of writing a job application letter to the employer. The salary advance letter format has been mentioned below in the article for your reference. The letter shall include:

  • Sender’s address
  • Date
  • Receiver’s address
  • Subject
  • Salutation
  • Body of the letter
  • Complimentary Close

To understand the salary advance letter format, refer to the samples provided below.

Employee Salary Advance Request Letter Samples

A couple of sample letters have been provided below for your reference to understand the format of writing the letter.

Salary Advance Request Letter for Personal Use

Adyasha Mohanty

448, Saheed Nagar


Date: 9th March 2022

Human Resources

Rankpedia Pvt. Ltd

Outer Ring Road, Mahadevpura


Sub: Request for two Months’ Advance Salary.

Respected Sir,

I am Adyasha Mohanty, working as a Content Writer at Rankpedia since 2020 with employee ID XXXXX. I am writing this letter to request you to please grant me two months’ salary in advance for my personal use. I was not able to handle my personal financial needs due to multiple reasons, and I had to take personal loans from a couple of people. Since it is already time to repay the amounts, availing an advance salary is my only option. Therefore I request you to please help by approving a salary advance of Rs. 40,000/- before 12th March 2022.

The money can be deducted in instalments from my salary in the coming months. Kindly do this favour to me and I shall be really grateful to you for this help.

Thank you.




Contact: 9999999999

Salary Advance Letter for Domestic Use

Ayesha Tanwir

Satya Vihar Enclave, Flat – 102


Date: 9th March 2022

The Principal

Vikash Residential School


Sub: Request for one Month’s Advance Salary.

Respected Sir,

I am Ayesha Tanwir working as TGT Physics in your esteemed organisation. I would like to inform you that the construction of my house is completed, and now I am arranging a ritual to be held in that house. I am requesting you to please grant me one month’s salary in advance. I need Rs. 20,000/- in advance from my salary so that I can make the necessary arrangements. You can deduct the amount from my salary in the coming months. I hope you understand my circumstances, and help me with this. I shall remain thankful to you for this help.

Thanks in advance.




Contact: 9999999999

Frequently Asked Questions on Application for Advance Salary

How to write an application for an advanced salary?

In order to write an application for an advanced salary, use this format:
I am _______ working as ____ writing this letter to inform you that due to ______ (reasons), I am requesting you for an advanced salary of Rs. ___. The amount can be deducted from my salary.

Is it possible to take one month’s salary in advance?

Yes, you can take a month’s salary in advance if you need it urgently. But for that, you will have to write a letter to your employer stating the reason behind the request.

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