Application for Marksheet Correction | Format and Sample Letters

At times it happens that the marks you have received in the exam and the marks printed on your marksheet might not match. It is also hard for the teachers to maintain the portfolio of every child individually. But we always have the chance of rectifying the mistake, but for that, we will have to write an application for marksheet correction to the head of the institution.

How to Write an Application for Marksheet Correction?

If you find any information mentioned incorrectly in your mark sheet, then do not worry. You can write a letter to the head of your institution/university informing about the same and request them to make the necessary changes. Even if your name is spelt incorrectly, then also you need to write a request letter to change it to the correct form so that it doesn’t lead to any mishap in future.

A change in the mark sheet can be done if you have requested the same. For that, you will have to write an application for mark sheet correction. The application will be written just like we write a formal letter. We have written various types of letters in our lifetime like apology letter format, permission letter, etc. All these letters are various types of formal letters. Similarly, the application for mark sheet correction is a type of formal letter which shall include the details of the receiver, the sender, and details of the incorrect as well as the correct information.

Refer to the below-provided samples of writing the application for mark sheet correction for a clear understanding of the format of writing the application.

Samples of Writing an Application for Marksheet Correction

To make the format of writing a little simpler, and for your reference, we have provided a few sample letters. Refer to these samples before you write an application requesting them to update the incorrect information with the correct ones.

Application for Correction of Marksheet in University

Anisha Anindita

329, Saheed Nagar


Date: 1st March 2022

The Examination Department

Utkal University

Bhubaneswar – 751007

Sub: Request to Update the Incorrect Marks with the Corrected Marks in the Final Degree Marksheet.

Respected Sir,

I, Anisha Anindita, Reg. No. 23456, student of the English Department with registration number 779209, would like to bring to your kind notice that I have received the final degree mark sheet but the mark awarded in my 2nd semester Honors paper is incorrect. I was awarded 83 marks when the answer sheets were circulated, but in the mark sheet, it is mentioned that I have received 63 marks. It might be a typographical error; therefore, I would like to request you to kindly recheck the marks awarded and update the corrected marks in the mark sheet.

I am attaching a copy of my answer sheets along with this letter for your reference. I am requesting you to update the mark sheet at the earliest so that I can go ahead with my admission procedures further. I shall be highly obliged for the same.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,




  • Copy of answer sheets with the correct marks
  • Final degree marksheet

Application for Marksheet Correction

Adyasha Mohanty

448 Saheed Nagar


Date: 1st March 2022

The Principal

BJEM School

Kalpana Square

Bhubaneswar – 751002

Sub: Request to rectify the spelling of my name.

Respected Sir,

With humble respect, I am Adyasha Mohanty, would like to bring to your kind notice that my name is incorrectly spelt in the Class 10 mark sheet. I have been a student of your school till now, and I completed my Class 10 with registration number 33008. I would like to request you to change my incorrectly spelt name to the correct one, as mentioned below.

Incorrect name – Adyasha Mahanty

Correct name – Adyasha Mohanty

I request you to kindly change the spelling as mentioned above and issue the mark sheet so that it will not be a problem in further processes. I shall be highly obliged for the kind gesture of yours.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,




  • Aadhar Card
  • Class 10 mark sheet

Frequently Asked Questions on Application for Marksheet Correction

How to write an application for marksheet correction?

In order to request your university or college/school to rectify the data which is incorrectly mentioned in your marksheet, you will have to write an application to the head of the institution or the concerned authority informing about the same. You can write the application in a formal language, following the formal letter format.

If I want to change my name in my Class 10 marksheet, what are the documents needed?

If you have changed your name and you want the same to be reflected in your Class 10 marksheet, then you can provide the affidavit/legal document to your institution or the board to make the necessary changes.

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