Difference Between Center Of Gravity and Centroid

Every object has some mass and due to gravitational force, the object weighs a certain amount. There is a difference between the center of gravity and centroid when it is considered with an object. These all depend on the factor of uniform or non-uniform distribution of mass across the body.

Difference Between Center Of Gravity and Centroid

Difference Between Center Of Gravity and Centroid

In an object, a center of mass is referred to as the point where the whole object’s mass is focused which means the point’s mass is represented as the whole object’s mass. The center of gravity of any object is termed to the point where gravity acts on the body.

Where on the other hand, the centroid is referred to as the geometrical center of a uniform density object. Which means the object has its weight distributed equally across all parts of the body. If the body is homogeneous (having constant density), then its center of gravity is equivalent to the centroid.

Difference Between Center of Gravity and Centroid
Center of Gravity Centroid
The point where the total weight of the body focuses upon It is referred to the geometrical center of a body
It is the point where the gravitational force (weight) acts on the body It is referred to the center of gravity of uniform density objects
It is denoted by g It is denoted by c
Center of Gravity in a uniform gravitational field is the average of all points, weighted by local density or specific weight The centroid is a point in a plane area in such a way that the moment of area about any axis throughout that point is 0
It is a physical behavior of the object, a point where all the weight of an object is acting It is a geometrical behavior. It is the center of measure of the amount of geometry.

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