Difference Between Pound and Kilogram

It is quite easy to differentiate between pounds and kilos when talking in general terms. Both pound and kilogram are units of measurement of weight or mass. A pound is an imperial unit of mass or weight. Likewise, after the adoption of the SI system in the year 1959, the unit kilogram has been adopted as the unit of measurement of weight.

However, when we consider the technicalities behind the terms it significantly becomes more complex and difficult to distinguish between the two units. A kilogram (kg) is stated to be 2.2 times heavier than a pound (represented as lbs). Thus, one kilo of mass is equal to 2.26lbs. That being said, we will look at some main differences between the pound and kilogram below.

Difference Between Pound and Kilogram
Pound Kilogram
A pound is an imperial unit of mass or weight measurement. A kilogram is a metric unit of measurement.
A pound is abbreviated as lb, lbm. A kilogram is abbreviated as kilo or kg.
A pound is equal to 0.4535 kilograms. One kilogram is equal to 2.2046 pounds.
A pound is derived from a Germanic word. A kilogram is derived from a Greek word.
A pound is mostly used in countries like the U.S. and UK. Kilo is widely used as the measurement unit in most countries.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs


Define pound.

A pound is an imperial unit of mass or weight measure, it is abbreviated as lb, lbm and one pound is equal to 0.4535 kilograms.

Define a unit.

Any given physical quantity is measured in comparison to a basic unit that is arbitrarily chosen, internationally accepted. The result of a measurement is expressed by a number which is accompanied by a unit.

Give an example of derived units.

Velocity is a physical quantity derived from fundamental quantities of length and time.
The unit of velocity is ms-1.

What is mass?

It is one of the fundamental quantities in Physics and the most basic property of matter. We can define mass as the measure of the amount of matter in a body. The SI unit of mass is Kilogram (kg).

What is weightlessness?

Weightlessness is a condition of free-fall in which the gravity is cancelled by the inertial force arising from orbital flight or other gravity-negating situations. It is experienced due to the absence of the feeling of weight. It happens in the lack of any contact forces acting on bodies (the human body).
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