Ionizing Radiation

Ionizing Radiation

From the science subject of Physics, one of the highly used terms include like that of radiation where energies are emitted from a substance of machine in the form of different rays. Here we would be discussing about a topic named Ionizing radiation which has been one of the highly discussed themes among students.

What is ionizing radiation?

Ionizing radiation is a typical energy that is released by atoms that would travel in the form of electromagnetic waves like X- rays and gamma ones or alpha, neutrons or beta particles. As radioactivity is nothing other than the spontaneous splitting of atoms, ionizing radiation would be the energy excess emitted in its due course.From this activity, radionuclides are formed which are the unstable elements that would split and spread the ionizing radiation. Most radionuclides are easily identified by the radiation type they emit,energy of radiation and also the half life of it.

The unit activity measured for the present radio nuclides is called becquerel(Bq) where one becquerel is no other than one disintegration per second. Regarding half-life, it is the time required for a radionuclide activity to reduce by decaying to the half of its value at the initial stage.This would mean it would take at least one-half  of the atoms to disperse time as the half-life of a radioactive element. This would have a range from a mere fraction second to a time frame of millions of years (For instance carbon 14 would have a half life of around 5730 years and Iodine-131 would have a half-life of 8 days).

Types of Ionizing Radiation Exposure:

The Radiation exposure could either be external or internal and it could have an impact only through exposure pathways of different types.

Internal Exposure:

Internal Exposure to ionizing radiation happens when you inhale a radionuclide or it gets ingested to your system or enters your bloodstream directly. It could be eradicated from the body using treatment or much faster(through excretory ducts) by eliminating radionuclide from the body.

External Exposure:

External Exposure happens when the radioactive material bought through air gets deposited on clothes or your skin. To remove this mere washing would be more than sufficient to get rid of the radiation deposited on your body.

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