Types of DC Motor

Types of DC Motor

We know that these types of DC motor uses DC current to transform electrical energy to mechanical energy. The main advantage in using this is that we can control the speed and it occupies less space.

DC motors are classified into these following types:

  • Shunt Motor
  • Series Motor
  • Compound Motor is again classified into
  • Short Shunt Motor
  • Long Shunt Motor
  • Differentially Compound
  • Cumulative Compound
  • Permanent Magnet DC Motor

Shunt Motor

Here, the field is connected with the armature windings in parallel or also known as shunt. The shunt field can be separately excited from the armature windings and that is the reason it can be used for greater speed regulation and can also offer very simplified reverse control.

Series Motor

Here, a large wire carrying the full armature current winds the field with few turns. This kind of motor generates a large amount of starting torque but the speed cannot be regulated here. If they are run with no load then it might face damage. These are not the ideal option for variable speed applications.

Compound Motor

These have shunt field which is separately excited. They have a good starting torque but might face problems in variable speed application.

Short Shunt DC Motor

In here, the shunt field winding is only connected with the armature winding and that to in parallel. The field coil, which is in series is entirely exposed to current before being split up into armature.

Long Shunt DC Motor

In here, the shunt field winding is connected in parallel with both series field coil and armature which are again connected with each other in series.

Differentially Compound

In this type of compound wound DC motor, the flux produced due to the shunt field windings reduces the effect of the main series windings.

Cumulative Compound

Here, the flux produced by the shunt field windings enhances the effect of the main field flux which is produced by series winding.

Permanent Magnet DC Motor

In these types of DC motor, permanent magnet is used create a magnetic field. In this not input current is consumed for excitation. These are used in automobile starters, wipers, air conditioners etc

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