Uses of Solar Cell

Solar cells are also called photovoltaic cells. They convert light energy into electricity.

Uses of solar cell

Biogas Solar cells are portable, durable and the maintenance cost is low. It was discovered in the year 1950 and its first use was in communication satellite Let’s see some Solar cell applications for different purposes:

  • Transportation
  • Solar cells in calculators
  • Solar cell panels
  • Solar cell advantages

Solar cell for transportation:

Solar energy is used in cars. This solar power is created by photovoltaic cells. This electricity is transferred to storage battery or powers the motor. Ed Passerini was the first person to build a solar car. The first powered car was created in the year 1977

Solar cells in calculators:

Solar-powered calculators use photovoltaic cells. These calculators work with solar energy. The light from sun gives power for the operation of calculators. Solar calculators work very well in outdoor light

Solar cell panels:

On the rooftop, solar panels are kept. It is used as a solar heater which heats the water. This water can be used for bathing. Also, another use it helps in generating power. People can store this energy in the backup battery and can use during power cut issues. Or people can store this energy and use it to generate electricity in their house and save money by reducing the electricity bill

Solar cell advantages:

Solar energy is a renewable form of energy. Saves money as it reduces the electricity bill. Maintaining is simple and affordable so the maintenance cost is also low. It is one of the best alternatives for non-renewable energy.

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