GMAT Official Guide

The GMAT Official Guide is a must-have study guide for prospective management aspirants as it includes Quantitative, Verbal and Integrated Reasoning types of questions. The GMAT Official Guide 2019 edition comprises of 15% new content with 130 new set of questions and exclusive access to the online platform. Once activated the GMAT Official Guide online portal has a validity of 1 year which can be extended although the pricing options might not be readily available. The online supplement includes of question bank that allows you to create practice tests from a wide range of GMAC questions featured in the book, as well as exclusive videos from real test takers. Besides, the GMAC staff also share their insights and effective tips on GMAT preparation.

The Official Guide for GMAT Review 2019 highlights 900 practice questions with answers and detailed explanations, essay topics, quant review and a diagnostic test. Additionally, you also get access to an online study companion that includes some practice questions and Integrated Reasoning questions and 100-questions diagnostic exam which can help you to focus on your test preparation endeavours.

New Updates in the GMAT Official Guide 2019:

  • No major changes in the number and types of questions in the GMAT Official Guide 2019: The overall number of questions in each section have remained the same as in GMAT OG 2018. The distribution of questions in GMAT OG 2019 is given in the table below:
Question Type Number of questions in GMAT OG 2019
Reading Comprehension 139
Sentence Correction 140
Critical Reasoning 124
Data Sufficiency 174
Problem Solving 230

No appreciable changes are found in the types of questions in the GMAT OG 2019. If you have strong and healthy foundation skills and are able to solve the test in a systematic step-by-step process, then you can effortlessly score high in the GMAT exam.

  • Few changes in the difficulty level of the GMAT Verbal section: Usually there are three difficulty levels(easy, medium or difficult) in every section of the GMAT exam. As per the GMAT OG 2019, there are a couple of changes in the difficulty levels of different questions under the GMAT Verbal section. The below table shows the distribution of difficulty levels of the different types of questions in the GMAT Verbal section as per the GMAT OG 2019:
Question Type Easy Medium Difficult
Sentence Correction No Change No Change No Change
Critical Reasoning 3 fewer questions 3 additional questions No Change
Reading Comprehension 1 fewer question 1 additional question No Change
  • Noteworthy changes in the difficulty level questions in the GMAT Quant section: The GMAT Quantitative section is distributed into 3 difficulty levels – easy, medium and difficult. According to the GMAT Official Guide 2019, there is no change in the total number of difficult questions in comparison with the GMAT OG 2018. However, the difficulty level in the GMAT Quant section is 19 additional easy and 19 fewer medium questions respectively. Check the table given below to understand the new changes:
Question Type Easy Medium Difficult
Quantitative 19 additional questions 19 fewer questions No Change

Should you purchase the new GMAT Official Guide 2019?

If you are just kickstarting your GMAT preparation and do not have the GMAT Official Guide of any prior years handy, then we would recommend you to buy the GMAT OG 2019. In India, the GMAT Official Guide 2019 Paperback is priced at Rs. 1,680(subject to change in forex rates) on certain e-commerce websites or you may also purchase the OG 2018 Paperback which is priced at Rs. 860(subject to change in forex rates). Frankly speaking, you can purchase the OG 2018 for your preparation as it is more reasonable than the latest GMAT OG 2019. As mentioned earlier, there are no noteworthy changes in the latest edition, so you can save some money by purchasing its older counterpart. On the contrary, if you are the one who wants to do everything in your power to prepare for the GMAT exam and you have already finished working through the OG 2018 and want to work on more practice questions, then the new Official Guide for GMAT 2019 has fresh new questions with no repetitions from its previous edition.

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