Environmental Pollution and Recycling


Nature also termed as Environment is constituted of everything around us. Our environment is like a guardian that gives the most important elements of our life, i.e. water, air, food, etc. To recycle various elements of the environment is the need of the hour. Have you ever imagined your life without these essential components? Yes, it would be quite difficult.


How is the Environment Polluted?

The environment comprises all living and non-living things which occur naturally. This term is often applied to Earth or says some parts of the Earth. We come to see various kinds of interaction of all the living species, weather, climate, and natural resources that affect economic activity and human survival.

But, nowadays we can see that our environment is getting polluted which is called environmental pollution. Environmental Pollution is nothing but the contamination of biological and physical components of the atmosphere system such that the standard processes within the environment are adversely affected. In simple words, it is called as the destruction of habitation.

Pollution of environment matters as it has an adverse impact on the environmental resources such as the provision of clean water and clean air (and many others) without which life on this Earth would not exist. Hence, protecting our living system is necessary to have a balanced atmosphere.

Process of Recycling or Waste Recycle:

The recycling process has been given a lot of importance in recent years. Many products which we use in our everyday life come from the materials which are recovered by the process of recycling, which includes, beverage containers, appliances, computer paper, plastic bags etc. The purchase of such goods will create a market for recycled products and also in a way reduce the environmental pollutants.

Almost everything we buy nowadays comes with a tag stating whether the product is recyclable and along with a code that represents the level of biodegradability. The Municipalities within cities are now demanding that the domestic waste would be segregated into organic, recyclable, and disposable waste.

Below given are some ways for waste management in the process of recycling –

  • Buy products that are made from recycled items. Be on the lookout for the symbol of recycling or otherwise ask the salesmen or store managers. This symbol means two things, either it is a recycled material, or it can be recycled. Take, for instance, various plastic containers have the tag of recycling symbol along with a numbered code that specifies what type of plastic resin it is made from.
  • Secondly, consider purchasing recycled materials at work suppose the materials which we buy for office supply, or any office equipment or manufacturing.
  • Segregating the waste at your house can help you out in recognizing the things which are recyclable.

Benefits of Recycling:

Recycling of the wastes such as paper, glass, plastic, etc in a way helps the environment and the economy, as it is said according to the study of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Manufacturing products from recycled materials tend to consume less energy as well as give out less pollution than producing the same materials from the raw materials, from scratch. Reducing the use of virgin materials is said to conserve natural resources such as trees, minerals, water, etc. Hence, all these things help us in the conservation of natural resources.

Stay tuned with BYJU’S to know more about important types of environmental pollution (such as soil pollution) and their control.

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