AP Board Intermediate 2nd Year Important Questions

Class 12 or Intermediate 2nd year, is considered as the turning point in your life. The result of Class 12 will decide your future studies. Class 12 also prepares you for competitive exams like JEE, NEET etc. You, as a student of Class 12, will have to handle the pressure for both AP Board Intermediate 2nd year and competitive exams. Important questions of Intermediate 2nd year of AP board, will help you to prepare for your exam strategy in a very effective manner. These important questions sometimes get repeated in the final Class 12 Board examination. Solving these AP Board Intermediate 2nd Year Class 12 Important Questions will help the students to get practise answering questions and get high marks in exams.

Practising AP Board Intermediate 2nd year important questions are an unavoidable task, because it gives you an idea about the question paper pattern, difficulty level, marking scheme, etc. As a Class 12 student, these important questions are a fruitful resource for you, which needs to be added to your preparation list. All the important questions are prepared by subject experts after analysing the AP Board Intermediate 2nd Year Model question papers.

You can view the AP Intermediate 2nd year important questions for Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology from the links given below.

Benefits of studying important questions of Intermediate 2nd Year Important Questions

  • Helps in boosting up students’ self confidence.
  • Practising these important questions will help students to self evaluate themselves in terms of their preparation.
  • It is a good practice of revision as it covers the entire syllabus of Class 12
  • Students can get to know on which section they need to work on more.
  • By solving these important questions they will get to know what kind of questions they can expect from each unit or section.


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