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Difference Between Natural and Synthetic Fibres

Natural fibres:

Fibres produced by plants or animals are called natural fibres. Best examples of plant fibres are: linen and cotton. Examples of animal fibres are: wool and silk. They have natural color. Incase coloring is required then dying is very easy. Usually natural fabrics are comfortable to wear. It is environmental friendly. On burning it turns into ash. Limited use of these fibres when compared to synthetic fibres.

Synthetic fibres:

Man made fibres created in laboratories are called synthetic fibres. Examples of synthetic fibres are acrylic, nylon and polyester. Colors can be added as per required. Coloring is difficult. Theses fabrics are not comfortable to wear when compared to natural fibres. It is not environmental friendly because some fibres like polypropylene is harmful. On burning it melts and gives out chemical smell. These fibres are more durable than natural fibres.

To make you understand how natural and synthetic fibres are different from each other, here are the some of the major differences between natural and synthetic fibres:

Difference between Natural and Synthetic fibres
Comes from nature Man made fibres
Natural color Color as per requirement is added in color bath
During spinning process spinneret is not necessary During spinning process spinneret is necessary for the production of filament
Chances of containing dust or impurities No chance of any dust or impurities
Less durable than synthetic More durable than natural

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