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Organic Uses Of Sodium And Potassium: Sodium Potassium Pump

It is observed that the content of sodium and potassium in a human body is more than iron and copper which tend to get the main focus in a human diet. These biologically important compounds perform a function of a power generator under the roof of a cell. They act as communicating agents to transmit information such as flexing of muscles etc.

For an instant, if you want to jump, these transmitters carry the information to the brain which gives the command to jump. Neurons used these ions for communicating the required information. The concentration of the ions varies on either side of the cell membrane. In the plasma the blood, potassium content is 5 mmolL-1, and sodium content is 143 mmol L-1.

Use of Sodium:

Sodium ions are usually found at the surface of the cells in the blood plasma and interstitial fluids which acts as surrounding to the cell. These are mainly used to transmit information, in the transportation of the sugar and amino acids within the cell etc.

Use of Potassium:

Potassium ions are a cation and they are present in the cell fluids. It is used to activate enzymes, oxidation of sugars and is also responsible for transmitting the information.

Role of Sodium And Potassium in conduction:

Water in its pure form does not possess the capability to conduct electricity. Sodium and potassium ions along with other electrolytes present in the body are responsible for the conduction of electricity through water. These ions move to and fro from the cell. Every time they move they conduct electricity. Proper electrolyte balance plays a vital role in the human body.

Sodium Potassium Pump

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