Sodium Percarbonate - C2H6Na4O12

What is Sodium Percarbonate?

Sodium Percarbonate is a chemical compound used as an alternative for hydrogen peroxide with the formula C2H6Na4O12.Sodium Percarbonate is prepared by adding sodium peroxide slowly to ice-cold absolute alcohol. Sodium percarbonate dissolves relatively fast in water, releasing sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide in the solution. The slight amount of moisture which are present already in the atmosphere are sufficient to bring about the decomposition of the percarbonate.

Other names – Peroxy sodium carbonate, Oxyper


Sodium Percarbonate


2.1 g/cm³

Molecular Weight/ Molar Mass

157.01 g/mol



Chemical Formula


Sodium Percarbonate Structure – C2H6Na4O12

Sodium Percarbonate Structure

Physical Properties of Sodium Percarbonate – C2H6Na4O12


No odour


White solid

Covalently-Bonded Unit


Hydrogen Bond Acceptor


Hydrogen Bond Donor



Soluble in water

Chemical Properties of Sodium Percarbonate – C2H6Na4O12

  • Sodium percarbonate reacts with sodium bisulfate forms sodium persulfate, sodium carbonate and water. The chemical equation is given below.
  • C2H6Na4O12 + 6NaHSO4 → 3Na2S2O8 + 2Na2CO3 + 6H2O

Uses of Sodium Percarbonate – C2H6Na4O12

  • Sodium percarbonate is antiseptic and deodorant. In aqueous solution it may be used as an antiseptic for wounds in place of hydrogen peroxide.
  • It has a beneficial effect of bicarbonate hydrogen peroxide mixtures in the area of oral hygiene and therapy.
  • Used as an alternative for alkaline treatments. The minerals which can be bleached using H2O2 include chalk, rutile, holmites and natural silicates.
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