Olympiad For Class 2

Olympiads are basically one of the most prestigious examinations held in India and around the world. Besides, these academic olympiads have been set up to encourage students studying various subjects like Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and more. The competitive exam is conducted for a broad spectrum of students studying in class I to class XII in India and abroad. That being said, here will talk about list of olympiad for class 2.

Taking part in an olympiad exam for class 2 either at national or international stage can lead to an academic accomplishment for students and it is considered valuable worldwide. Not only the winners of nationals get to represent India in the international level but they also receive rewards in the form of scholarships as well as several other opportunities.

As such, at BYJU’s you can check out a whole set of solutions ranging from olympiad sample papers for class 2, previous year question papers and exam formats, marking scheme, syllabus and more that will help class 2 students to prepare, score as well as perform well in any of the olympiad exams.

While, many students take this examination to prove their mettle and be a part of the prodigious crowd, they need to prepare well. There are also a lot of olympiad books for class 2 which are readily available that can be used for reference.

Types Of Olympiad

On a side note, just so that you are aware, there are several types of Olympiad exam held for students like maths olympiad for class 2 and science olympiad. Some of the popular ones are listed below.

  • Indian National Junior Science Olympiad
  • Indian National Mathematics Olympiad
  • Regional Mathematical Olympiad
  • National Science Olympiad

There are also international Olympiad exam which are conducted through various independent organizations. These exams especially give a good exposure to students as they will be able to experience the competitiveness that goes on and learn to face new challenges.

  • International Olympiad of English Language
  • International Talent hunt Olympiad
  • Smart Kid General Knowledge Olympiad
  • International Science Olympiad
  • International Math Olympiad (IMO)

All in all, these are some of the prominent talent search examinations conducted in India. These exams help in screening some of the top students. Meanwhile, you can also check out Maths olympiad for class 5 here.

Get more information on the olympiad exams and class 2 olympiad date and more at BYJU’s.

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