Difference Between Transducer and Sensor

Difference Between Transducer and Sensor

These devices are used in various appliances and gadgets but there is difference between transducer and sensor which needs to be understood in order to understand its application. Transducers are also not 100% efficient as they lose power in terms of heat during the conversion process. When it comes to sensors as they convert physical quantities into signals, they also contain a transducer.

Some difference between Transducer and Sensor is mentioned below:

There are different types of sensors available and can be used for remote sensing such as the most general example such as the motion sensor which are used in numerous systems such as automatic doors, security lights. These send some kind of signals like ultrasonic waves, microwaves or light beams and senses when there is a interruption in the flow. The type of i/p or o/p transducer being used, depends upon the kind of signal sensed or controlled. Sensors and transducers are defined based on their conversion of physical quantity.

Difference Between Transducer and Sensor



It helps in converting one form of energy into another form.

It senses physical quantities and converts into signals which is read by an instruments.

It converts electricity to electromagnetic waves.

It senses physical quantity and converts into analogue quantity.

Antenna is one type of transducer. Microphone and loudspeaker is also of one type.

One type of Sensor is LED. Sensors used in automobiles to detect touch and activate siren.

It converts the measured quantity into a standard electrical signal like -10 to +10V DC

It is used to measure voltage, capacitance, inductance, ohmic resistance.

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