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Uses Of Zener Diode

Uses Of Zener Diode

We are aware of the uses of Zener diode which is to permit the current flow in forward or reverse direction. Zener diode is a semiconductor device consisting of a P-N junction which conducts the current in reverse direction when a certain specified voltage is reached. It has a reverse breakdown voltage which means it can continuously operate in a reverse-bias mode without getting damaged.

Applications and Uses of Zener Diode can be seen in the following:

  • As a voltage regulator
  • Protects from over voltage
  • Used in clipping circuits
  • Used to shift voltage

Due to the voltage drop across the diode remains constant over a wide range of voltages, Zener diode is suitable for voltage regulation.

Zener diode acts as a voltage regulator

When the load voltage equals the breakdown voltage, the resistors which are connected in series limits the current through the diode when there is an excess amount of voltage while the diode is conducting. While doing that the diode generates some kind of noise which can be suppressed by adding large value decoupling capacitor across the diode.

Read more about Zener diode as a voltage regulator from the link below

Zener diode protects from over voltage

When the input voltage increases and reaches the Zener breakdown voltage, the current through the diode will create a voltage drop across the resistor. This triggers a short circuit to the ground.

Zener diode is used in clipping circuits

Clipper circuits are used to prevent the output signal from going beyond a determined value without changing anything of the input signal. Uses of Zener diode include modifying and shaping the AC waveform clipping circuits. The clipping circuits limit one part of the AC waveform to shape the waveform or provide protection. These kinds of circuits are generally used in TV and FM transmitters for removing interference.

Zener diode can be used to shift voltage

Zener diode’s most core uses includes converting a signal from one voltage to another. It has an ability to maintain a steady output voltage in breakdown region. This voltage shifting functionality makes Zener diode an ideal component of the operation. These were some uses of Zener diode.  To learn the uses of other electrical components click on the link below

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