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How To Prepare For SSC CGL Exam In 30 Days?

SSC exam is the most sought after exams in the country and for a candidate to prepare for SSC CGL exam in 30 days and crack it in the same go is a challenge in itself. In this article. We shall discuss the key points to remember to crack the SSC CGL exam by 30 days of preparation.

The Staff Selection Commission is the conducting body for the various SSC exams. Every year lakhs of candidates apply for the exam and only a handful are able to qualify. The main reasons for this being the increased competition and the lack of practice. 

SSC CGL 2023 (Tier 1) exam is scheduled from 14th July to 27th July 2023.

Apart from the SSC CGL exam, many exams are conducted by SSC:

  1. Combined Higher Secondary Level Examination (SSC CHSL)
  2. Junior Engineer Examination (SSC JE)
  3. General Duty Constable (SSC GD)
  4. Central Police Organisation (SSC CPO)
  5. Multitasking Staff (SSC MTS)
  6. Grade C & Grade D (SSC Stenographer)

Since the recruitment of candidates to various Departments and Ministries of Government under SSC for the year 2023 is round the corner, candidates must start their preparation and ensure that they have sufficient study material and proper help, if needed. 

Preparing for the SSC CGL exam in 30 days is not an impossible task but definitely requires the candidate to be really hardworking and disciplined.

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Government Exam 2023

8 Tips To Crack SSC CGL Exam In 30 Days

To qualify the SSC exam with 30 days of preparation, a candidate must devote at least 16 hours a day studying and dedicate equal time for preparation of each and every topic.

Given below are the 10 tips that may help candidates prepare for the SSC CGL exam in 30 days and qualify it in the same attempt.

  • Go Through The Syllabus & Exam Pattern

The first and foremost thing that needs to be done is knowing what needs to be prepared. A candidate must carefully go through the syllabus and exam pattern before starting the preparation. 

The SSC CGL notification released by the conducting body gives the detailed exam pattern and syllabus for the convenience of candidates. The syllabus for SSC CGL exam is comprehensive and any candidate willing to apply for the upcoming 2023 examination must put in a lot of effort to study it completely.

Candidates can refer to the SSC syllabus for the various exams as mentioned-below:

SSC CGL Syllabus SSC CHSL Syllabus SSC CPO Syllabus
SSC JE Syllabus SSC GD Syllabus SSC Exam Pattern
  •  Prepare a Study Plan

The second step is that once you know what all subjects are apart of the SSC CGL syllabus, you must make a timetable that would systematically divide equal time for preparation of each section. 

Sort out which subjects are your strengths and which are your weakness and then accordingly distribute time for preparation of each section. Candidates can get the section-wise SSC exam preparation tips at the linked article.

  • Collect Study Material 

Before the preparation gets started do make sure that you have all the important study material and best books to prepare for the SSC exam within 30 days. You can get the study material online on different websites and offline through coaching institutes.

Candidates must pick the best books to study for the SSC CGL exam as within a shorter time span to prepare, candidates require the best books which have short cuts and tricks to solve and understand questions easily.

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  • Set A Proper Time Table

To ensure that sufficient and equal time is dedicated for the preparation of each subject, candidates must equally devote time to the preparation of each section. Although there is no sectional cut off in the SSC exam still, a candidate must be prepared equally well for each section.

One hour daily must be spent on reading the newspaper carefully. This will not just help you in the General Awareness section but also in the English Language Section.

3 to 4 hours daily must be spent on solving previous year papers and mock tests. Apart from this, the remaining time must be equally distributed for each section. Nothing less than 16 hours a day will let a candidate qualify the exam with 30 days of preparation.

  • Find Your Strengths and Weakness

There is a set pattern that is followed each year by SSC while making the exam papers. Hence certain topics are of utmost importance and some not so important. When you go through the syllabus, find out which topics are your strengths and which are your weakness. 

This will enable you to concentrate more on the topics you are weak in with respect to the examination. Topics which are your stronger points can be covered in a shorter span of time and the topics which are your weakness may take a longer time to prepare. 

You can refer to the SSC preparation tips at the linked article.

  • Solve Previous Year Question Papers

Solving previous year question papers is a piece of advice that is strongly recommended to any candidate appearing for the upcoming SSC exam. Question papers from the past few years will help you apprehend and analyse which topics are the most important with respect to which SSC exam.

Not only that, when you keep a target of 30 days to prepare for the exam, solving previous year question papers is the most convenient way of revising the syllabus on a daily basis.

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  • Make Proper Notes

When a candidate is left with only 30 days to prepare for the SSC CGL exam, he should make sure that nothing can be left for the future. So maintaining proper notes in a must. So that on the final few days he/she can directly refer to the notes for revision.

Do make a proper record of all the important formulas for the quantitative aptitude section and daily give in 15-20 minutes to revise all the formulas well. This will cost you less time in comparison to revisiting all the chapters again and again daily. 

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  • Do Not Panic

When a candidate is left with 30 days for the exam to be conducted, the most important thing to be kept in mind is that one should not panic. Keep in mind that you should always have an optimistic approach while preparing for the exam. This helps you stay more concentrated and confident for your performance.

Do not think about the result and only concentrate on your performance. It is also important that a candidate only gives in his/her 100 per cent and does not think about the result as it may lead to anxiety which is not good a month before the exam.

Furthermore, candidates are suggested to solve SSC CGL mock tests to understand the exam pattern and analyse their own performance based on the marks scored at the end of each test. 

We hope that the candidates appearing for the SSC CGL exam 2023 find the tips given in this article useful and prepare themselves well for the upcoming SSC exams. For any other update or study material regarding the SSC CGL exam 2023, candidates can look out at BYJU’S.

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