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How To Study For SSC CGL With A Full-Time Job?

One of the most desirable Government exams after the Civil Services is the SSC CGL exam. The SSC CGL stands for Staff Selection Commission Combined Graduate Level Examination. SSC CGL is the most sought after the exam because of the benefits, facilities and rewarding career it offers. 

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Though the applicants for the SSC CGL exam are increasing year by year there are many aspirants who don’t even give a try for the exam because they think it won’t be possible to prepare for the exam with a full-time job and they might fail.

So, is it possible to prepare and clear the SSC CGL for Working Professionals? 

Yes, studying with a 9 to 5 job is definitely difficult but with a systematic study plan and proper time management, it is feasible and possible to prepare and ace the SSC CGL examination. 

In this article, we will discuss, ‘How to study for SSC CGL with a Full-Time Job?’. Read on to know the preparation tips that are comprehensive and valuable to crack the SSC CGL exam while working full time.  

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Tips to Prepare SSC CGL For Working Professionals 

Preparing SSC CGL while working needs dedication and discipline – Working for 9 hours or more, travelling to and fro the workplace consumes all the time leaving no time to eat and sleep, but, aspirants of SSC CGL examination have to manage and compress their time in other work so that they can squeeze out at least 4 hours daily for a dedicated study for the exam.   

Therefore, below given are some worthwhile tips to prepare for SSC CGL examination while working:

Morning Study Time – Most of the jobs start from 10 am so wake up early in the morning between 4:30 to 5:30 am to give at least 2 hours to study. During this time practice English Comprehension topics and study General Awareness. This time is the best to learn new things as it retains in the memory for a longer time. 

To prepare for general awareness section you can check out a few important links given below:

Current Affairs Static GK

Evening Study Time – As already said, dedication is important to achieve the desired goal. Make it a habit that you do not sleep without studying. After wrapping up from work post 7 pm make sure that you give 2 hours of study i.e. from 9 pm to 11 pm. Book this time for studying reasoning and quantitative aptitude. 

Make the most of weekends – Now, on weekends study not as much as you can but yes at least 9 hours each day is important. This way you will complete 40 hours of study in a week. Complete at least 3 to 4 topics from SSC CGL syllabus, grasp the concepts efficiently so that you don’t need revision for that topic in future.  

Examine Your Learning: It is important to keep a check on the portions you have covered from the SSC CGL syllabus and the things that are on your tips. Therefore, analyse your learning by giving mock tests and quizzes. This will help you know and work on your weak areas. Check SSC CGL Mock Tests to assess your knowledge for the exam. 

You can take free Online Quizzes to assess your learnings.  

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Download study apps – We all know that private jobs are tight on schedule and hectic. So, whenever you manage to get extra time, utilize it in the most effective manner. It is recommended that you download some study apps for the preparation of General Awareness, English, etc. in that free hour. These apps can be accessed anytime, anywhere and help you prepare different topics in a few minutes. 

For SSC CGL aspirants, below mentioned are a few important links for SSC CGL preparation:

SSC CGL Syllabus SSC CGL Previous Year Paper SSC Preparation

Just be optimistic that it is possible to crack the SSC CGL exam while working. Clear your doubts with notes or quizzes, make short notes on every topic and learn shortcut tricks for the quantitative aptitude section. Most importantly, learn time management by taking regular mock tests. Start your SSC CGL preparation with full confidence.

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