What are Halides?

Halides are binary compounds made up of any other element and a halogen. Most of the salts are halides. Various halide compounds are tested using a silver nitrate solution. When halogen reacts with silver nitrate solution, precipitation will be formed, and it varies in colour depending upon the type of halides. Fluorides do not form precipitates. Chlorides give white precipitate, bromides give pale yellow precipitate and iodides give a dark yellow precipitate with silver nitrate. Some of the halide salts  include Kl, KBr, and KCl.

A halogen Atom with a negative charge is termed the halide ion. Halide minerals includes halide anions. Fluorite and halite are two important halide minerals. Fluorite is the main source of hydrogen fluoride. Halite is a primary source of Sodium Chloride. Bischofite forms a primary source of magnesium. Many of the halides are present in marine evaporite deposits. A few of the halide anions include iodide, bromide, chloride, and fluoride.


Example of Halide Compounds

Organic Halide compounds consist of one or more halogens and belong to a class of synthetic and natural chemicals. Some examples of halide compounds include calcium chloride, silver chloride, potassium iodide, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, Iodoform, Chlorine Fluoride, Organohalides, Bromoethane and more.

Metal Halides

Metal Halides are the compounds formed between a halogen and metal. Some are covalently bound, and some are ionic. Covalently bonded metal ions may form polymeric structures. Metal Halides are formed when all halogens react with metal. The reaction between a metal and halogen can be represented as

\(\begin{array}{l}2M+nX_{2}\rightarrow 2MX_{n}\end{array} \)

Uses of Halides

  • Halides are used in the solder paste. Halogens are incorporated into organohalides compounds in synthetic organic chemistry.
  • It is widely used in metal halide lamps that are high-intensity discharge lamps. They are used as a supplement to provide sunlight in a rainy climate or a greenhouse.
  • Silver halides are used in the papers and phosphoric films.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs


Name the halogens in the periodic table

Fluorine, Chlorine, Bromine, Iodine and Astatine

What is a halide?

Halogen with a negative charge is a halide ion.

What are the examples for some halide compounds?

Magnesium bromide, Sodium chloride, Potassium iodide etc

Which reagent can be used to test for the presence of halogen ions?

Silver nitrate solution can be used to detect the presence of halide ions. Fluorides form no precipitate, chlorides form curdy white precipitate, bromides form pale yellow precipitate and iodides form dark yellow precipitate with silver nitrate solution.

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