Potassium Chlorate - KClO3

What is Potassium Chlorate?

Potassium Chlorate is an inorganic compound with chemical formula KClO3.

It is also known as Fekabit or Kaliumchlorat. It is very flammable when mixed with combustible materials. It is a compound containing potassium, oxygen, and chlorine. It appears as a white crystalline substance in its pure form. It is the most widely used chlorate industry.

The aqueous solution of potassium chlorate is a colourless liquid that is denser than water. It could be toxic when ingested. When it comes in contact it can irritate your eyes, skin, mucous membranes. It has a cooling and saline taste.

Potassium Chlorate Structure – KClO3

Structure of Potassium Chlorate

Structure of Potassium Chlorate Molecules

Preparation of Potassium Chlorate

Potassium chlorate can be produced in three ways:

1. On the industrial scale, it can be produced via the Liebig process:

Step 1. Consider hot calcium hydroxide.

Step 2. Pass chlorine into it.

Step 3. Add potassium chloride.

2. Potassium chlorate produced by disproportionation:

Step 1. Consider a sodium hypochlorite solution

Step 2. Metathesis reaction along with potassium chloride

3. Method three:

Step 1. Consider a hot solution of caustic potash

Step 2. Pass chlorine gas into it

Properties of Potassium Chlorate – KClO3

KClO3 Potassium Chlorate
Molecular Weight/ Molar Mass 122.55 g/mol
Density 2.34 g/cm³
Boiling Point 400°C
Melting Point 356°C

Uses Of Potassium Chlorate (KClO3)

  • Potassium chlorate along with silver fulminate is used in noise-makers such as snappers and crackers.
  • It is used as an oxidizer in smoke grenades.
  • It is used to generate oxygen gas in college and school labs.
  • It is used in oxygen candles or chlorate candles.
  • It is used in limelights to supply oxygen.
  • It is used as a pesticide.
  • It is used in growling gummy bears.
  • It is used as a fertilizer as an effective alternative for ammonium nitrate.
  • It is used in the manufacturing of paper.
  • It is used in the production of matches.
  • It is used in the making of explosives.

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