Govt Schemes

Government schemes are a very important part of the UPSC syllabus. It forms a part of the polity and governance section of the IAS exam. Every year, the government introduces many schemes and programmes to render various services to the citizens of the country. Government schemes are important for the UPSC exam. Every year, many questions are asked in the UPSC prelims exam on various government schemes. Even in the mains exam, questions can be asked about the progress and efficacy of schemes. Candidates can also cite various government schemes in their mains answers to substantiate their answers.

Importance of government schemes for UPSC

  • Direct questions are asked in the IAS prelims about schemes
  • Schemes can be used for illustrations and examples in the mains answers
  • Schemes can be used to substantiate what you write in the answers
  • A study of schemes are essential for understanding the functioning of the government
  • Schemes cover various topics such as polity, governance, economy, agriculture, banking, insurance, health, science and tech, education, employment, women empowerment, child welfare, etc.

So, in order to clear the IAS exam, it is essential for aspirants to be abreast of the various government schemes and programmes.

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