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Strontium Chloride - SrCl2

What is Strontium Chloride?

Strontium chloride is a typical salt of strontium and chlorine with the chemical formula SrCl2. Strontium chloride is a popular halide for making collodion chloride printing out emulsions. Strontium chloride is the first toothpaste ingredients thought to occlude tubules based on an often misinterpreted using radiolabeled strontium and auto-radiography. The compounds of strontium have lower order of toxicity.

IUPAC name – Strontium dichloride

SrCl2 Strontium chloride
Density 3.05 g/cm³
Molecular Weight/ Molar Mass 158.53 g/mol
Boiling Point 1,250 °C
Bond Type 874 °C
Chemical Formula SrCl2

Strontium Chloride Structure – SrCl2

Strontium Chloride

Physical Properties of Strontium Chloride – SrCl2

Odour Odourless
Appearance White crystalline solid
Vapour pressure 25° C. is 8.37 mm
Solubility Soluble in water slightly soluble in alcohol
Heat of solution -7.50 Cal

Chemical Properties of Strontium Chloride – SrCl2

    • Strontium chloride reacts with fluorine gas resulting in the formation of strontium fluoride and chlorine gas.

SrCl2(aq) + 2HF(gas) → SrF2(solid) + Cl2(gas)

    • Strontium chloride reacts with sulfuric acid forming strontium hydrogen sulphate and hydrogen chloride.

SrCl2 + 2H2SO4 → Sr(HSO4)2 + 2HCl

Uses of Strontium Chloride – SrCl2

  • Used in lessening tooth affectability by shaping a hindrance over infinitesimal tubules in the dentin containing nerve endings that have turned out to be uncovered by gum retreat.
  • The radioactive isotopes strontium-89 used for the treatment of bone cancer.
  • Seawater aquaria require small amounts of strontium chloride which is consumed in the production of the exoskeletons of certain plankton.
  • Used as a red colouring agent in fireworks. It provides an intense red colour than other alternatives.
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