How To Minimize Negative Marks In Bank Exams

In this article, we shall look into how to minimize negative marks in bank exams.

Negative marking is a common trend in almost every competitive bank exam these days. The most common question that comes in the mind of an aspirant is if there is any negative marking and how to minimize its impact in bank exams.

Negative marking occurs when a candidate marks the wrong answer in the question and 0.25 marks are deducted from the total score of the candidate for every wrong answer. So, for every 4 wrong answers, the candidate loses 1 mark.

Minimize the negative marking in the upcoming Bank Exams by solving more and more questions from the different sections. Refer to the links below:

Most candidates end up losing a lot of marks because of the negative marking scheme used in bank exams. There are various online portals and banking exam preparation apps that may help you with sorting tips and tricks to reduce the deduction of marks due to negative marking.

Therefore, candidates must learn to improve their accuracy so that they can excel in the exam.

Top Tips to Minimize Negative Marks in Bank Exams

Below are some of the key tips on how to reduce the impact of negative marking in upcoming bank exams:

  • Leave all those questions unanswered which you are unsure of:

Candidates should solve those questions first which they are fully confident of and then proceed to the questions that they are unsure of. As they have the option to review in the exam.

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Leaving the questions which candidates are not sure of is a good way to reduce negative marking. But candidates should be aware of skipping too many unsure questions as that can reduce the overall score in the bank examination.

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  • Avoid random guesses

If candidates do not know the answer or have a query about it they just leave it rather than guessing blindly. They should only answer the questions that they are totally sure of or it may result in negative marking and reduce the marks.

  • Read the questions carefully

Sometimes when candidates get an easy question and mark it quickly without reading the question properly. But in that hurry, the candidates might mark the wrong answer which results in negative marking. So candidates should read the questions and options properly before marking them.

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  • Answer the easier questions first

Candidates should go through the whole question and find the section in which they are strong in. They should first solve the easier questions which will give them some confidence to proceed with the bank exam paper. They can also decide accordingly which questions to skip.

  • Practice mock papers and previous year’s bank exam question papers

Practising test series like mock/simulated and previous year’s bank exam question papers can give the candidates an idea about the bank exam pattern. They can also analyze where they are making mistakes which will help them not to repeat the same mistake again during the exam.

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  • Take proper notes

Candidates should make proper notes of tricks and important formulas during their practice which will help them to memorize for a longer time. Candidates can read these notes before the bank examination which will help them to solve with accuracy during the exam.

  • Refer to Banking Exam Preparation App or Coaching Centres

Candidates mostly pick up coaching centres or banking preparation apps while preparing for bank exams. One should always be very careful while picking up assistance for preparation of bank exams. The tricks explained in these banking exam preparation app or coachings can prove to be very helpful for candidates.

  • Take calculated risks

Candidates should not get lured for answering all the questions. They should answer only those that they are sure of. If an answer is not in the options list, candidates can take the risk of answering that they think is closest to the right answer.

If the candidates do not take any calculated risk then they may not cross the number of questions required for meeting the sectional cutoff of the respective bank exam paper.

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  • Avoid answering in the last minute

It is very important for candidates to utilize the last minute for revision. So, candidates should properly utilize every second of the exam and try not to solve questions in the last moment in a hurry which can unnecessarily lead to mistakes.

Since for most bank exams maintaining the minimum qualifying marks in each section is mandatory, candidates must be aware of the important topics in each section. To learn more about the detailed syllabus for all the topics included in the bank exam syllabus, candidates can check the links given below:

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One of the most important suggestions that can be given to an aspirant is to look for the best assistance while preparing for the exams. Be careful while selecting a coaching or banking exam preparation app as it may is one of the most important aspects of your preparation schedule.

If candidates are well prepared for the bank examination they do not need to worry about negative marking. They should just concentrate on their goal with hard work and follow the above steps to avoid negative marks in the respective bank exam.

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