Tips To Calculate Negative Marking

Aspirants who are willing to take the bank examination they must be aware of the negative marking because the score of all the bank examinations is completely depended on the correct questions and the wrong answers. As we know for every wrong answer 0.25 negative marking is deducted but the main problem is on how to calculate the final score. There is also an another aspect that the final score is depended on that is the sectional cutoff and the category wise cutoff.

If you are one of the candidates who wants to get the merit score in the bank examination then you have to know all about the bank examination. And we give the complete information regarding the bank examination and the cutoff and in particular, we will tell you how to calculate the negative marking in bank examinations. This will help you find the negative marking and also we give the tips on how to reduce the negative marking in the examination and this will be the additional information for you.

Below is the example on how to calculate the negative marking:

As we know for every bank examination the negative marking is about 0.25 and the calculation of the negative marking is completely depend on the number of wrong answers. So below we give the details about the calculation of the negative marking.

For example, assume there are around 30 questions in the question paper and you have attempted all the 30 questions in which the number of the questions you have attempt wrongly was 4 questions and as we know that there is a deduction 0.25 for each question.

  • So from the above information, the number of questions you have attempted correctly are about 26 questions.
  • The marks about by removing the wrong answers marks is 26.
  • Now as for every wrong answer the negative marking for each wrong answer is 0.25 the comes the calculation part it is 4*0.25=1 mark.
  • So the marks deducted from your total score for the negative marking is 1 mark.
  • Then deduct 1 mark from the total score i.e, 26-1=25 marks.
  • Hence the total score obtained after removing the negative marking is 25 marks.

Important strategies on how you can reduce the negative marking in the bank examination:

Every year thousands of the aspirants want to be qualified in the bank examinations and this is the case why we can see the heavy competition in case of the bank examinations. And this the reason why there is the negative marking system is introduced in the bank examination.

Aspirants who are preparing to take the bank examinations they have to be more careful about this because it will affect your scorecard a lot. In order to reduce the negative marking, we are providing the important strategies here.

  • Before attempting the question paper try to know the complete details about the examination and the exam pattern.
  • “Practice makes man perfect”, since the question paper consists of the time taking a process that is the quantitative aptitude part and the reasoning part. So if you are practicing then even god cannot help you.
  • After practicing the questions you can find the mistakes or some difficulties in solving problems, then just try to work on these problems and speed up your level of solving the questions.
  • The first thing is after practicing analyze yourself where you are lagging and where you are finding the difficulty in solving the questions.
  • While solving the mock papers, don’t get impatient if you are not successful in solving the questions in the first attempt. Keep in mind that you are in the preparation level only. And for the first itself you cannot expect wonders.
  • Now comes the examination part read the questions carefully. This should be done especially in the mathematics and in the reasoning part.
  • Never ever give the blind guesses in the examination. Just keep in mind about the negative marking.
  • Solve the questions confidently and then just make sure that the answer is correct or not.

All these things you have to do and that too with the speed. So, my suggestion is to start preparing for the examination with hope and improve your accuracy and the level of speed in solving the questions.

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