5 Reasons Why You should Take Mock Tests for UPSC Mains

Mock tests

UPSC Civil Services Exam is not like any other competitive exam that you take like the SSC, CAT, PSC, etc. In order to clear UPSC, it is not enough to just gather knowledge. You need to be aware of the exam pattern and know how to use that knowledge.

One of the key preparation tools is mock tests. These practice papers are easily available on various online portals, based on the latest exam pattern and enlighten candidates with a better understanding of the IAS Exam. In this article, we shall discuss at length the benefits of solving mock tests for UPSC preparation.

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UPSC Mains Test Series Importance

Mock tests are a valuable tool to understand what is missing in your preparation, and to realise the changes you need to make in the way you handle yourself during the real UPSC exam to get an optimum score. Mock Tests go a long way in helping you acquire the skills of mark-fetching. You can acquire this skill with a quality test series. Read on to know why it is absolutely necessary to have mock test practice.

1. To keep your nerves calm

We all have come across aspirants who are incredibly talented and knowledgeable but have still failed to crack the civil services exam. The answer lies mostly in their lack of practice. Being tested in an exam-like environment gives an accurate picture of how it is going to be on the D-day. Apart from that, mock tests also help you understand the dynamics of negative marking, present in the IAS prelims exam, so you understand ‘what to pick’ and ‘what to skip’. Finally, practice plays a very important role in success as the human mind learns best through repetition.

2. To boost your confidence

Scoring well in a mock test gives you a sense of achievement which will boost your confidence level. Your concepts will be clearer and you will have more faith in yourself.

3. For faster learning

According to some research, most people perform their best when under pressure. This helps you learn faster and absorb the concepts better. 

4. To familiarise yourself with the UPSC Exam Pattern

Taking quality mock tests will help you know UPSC better. You will have a better understanding of the exam pattern. You will also get to know where you stand in terms of your competition as many of these test series are taken by many students, and you can get your ranking among them.

5. To get a higher score

All UPSC toppers agree on the importance of mock tests. It gives you adequate practice in handling unexpected questions thrown at you in the exam. Mock Tests help you enhance your time management skills and pressure-handling ability. You can also increase your writing speed if you get adequate answer writing practice. This will help you answer faster and better in the IAS mains exam.

More importantly, they help you assess your strengths and weaknesses and steer your IAS preparation in the right direction.

It is good to realize the UPSC mains test series importance as early as possible, however, do not take the results of your mock tests to be an absolute indicator of how you might perform in the real exam. Do not get discouraged by a low score in your mock tests. These are only ‘mock’ tests. Use them as a catapult to score high and to the best of your abilities in the real deal.

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