Difference between Domain and Workgroup

What is Domain?

A domain is a client/server network that authorises users to log in from any machine. It is also popular as a remote login. It possesses a centralised administration system that enables all devices to be managed easily from a single location.

What is a Workgroup?

A workgroup is a peer-to-peer windows computer network in which we have to use our login credentials on our specific workstation.

Difference between Domain and Workgroup

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It holds a centralised database.

They hold their own local database.


A domain’s primary aim is to transport and share sensitive and critical data.

Due to the deficiency of security, a workgroup is used to share less secure and personal data.


It is majorly used for business networks and large public networks.

It is majorly used for small areas, or we can say local area networks like buildings, schools, etc.


It delivers a good response when it comes to large numbers of devices.

It is better for fewer systems.


The domain controller gives the domain names according to the IP address.

When it comes to the workgroup, there are no dependencies in providing the name of any hardware components.


We can easily recover data in a domain from centralised storage.

Here there is no option for data recovery because each device has local storage.

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