Life In Psu Banks And It Software Offices

Every one of us wants a job that is respectable as well as one that gives satisfaction. Some of us may be determined from the very beginning about our career and the jobs that we opt for. Most of us get confused regarding the type of job that one should go for. So, what do you think is a good career option for you? Are Bank jobs better or the jobs at IT Companies?

This article deals with the various reasons how Bank Jobs and IT Jobs in Software companies are different. The following are some points that will give an idea about the lives in both the Bank jobs and IT Companies.

  • Status: In India, respect is what comes first when we talk about a job. Most of the students choose their careers as Engineering. Thus, aspires for a job in IT Company. On the other hand, Banking jobs are also considered as one of the most prestigious jobs in India.
  • Job Assurance: As all of us know that PSU Banks are, completely government-owned and therefore, once a candidate gets a job in these Public Sector Banks then there is a guarantee that they will not be fired. While in the IT Sector, companies do not keep those employees who do not perform well in their jobs.
  • Fields of Interest: The jobs in the IT sector has a requirement that the candidate or the employee needs to fulfill. The candidates those who are selected for the jobs in the IT Companies are needed to have the knowledge of some computer language or coding. On the other hand, there is no such requirement for the Bank jobs and hence they are chosen more by people.
  • Income and Benefits: Every person works for just one thing that is salary and provisions. Apart from job assurance and fields of interest, a person’s income is also important. The starting salary of the IT Companies is very less as compared to the salary of the Probationary Officer (PO). Therefore, this is another reason why most of the people prefer doing Bank jobs. The people working in the banks get accommodation for themselves as well as for their families too. Many allowances are also given and holidays and leaves are granted without any loss of pay.
  • Job Timings: The pressure of work remains at every job but the main thing that matters is the job timings as the government employees have a fixed timing while the people who work in the IT Companies have a total uncertain job timing.
  • Growth in the company: Everyone working in some or the other company aspire to reach a big position someday. The Banking personnel starting at the post of PO tend to become Managers in a couple of years while the people working in the IT companies need to wait a long in order to become at least a mid-level manager.

Therefore, these are some differences in the life of the employees working in PSU Banks and IT Software Offices. The number of candidates appearing for the bank exams is increasing to great numbers making the selection very competitive.

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