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Difference Between Java and Python

Both of these are very popular types of programming languages, but differ in their coding lines, syntax, speed of execution, database, features, and more. In this article, we will discuss the difference between Python and Java in a tabular form. But let us first understand their individual functionalities.

What is Python?

It is a type of OOP language (object-oriented programming) that is high-level in nature. The python language has built-in data structures, along with dynamic typing and binding. Thus, it is a very ideal choice for the rapid development of various applications. It also supports various packages and modules that allow the reuse of codes and system modularity.

Python is one of the fastest languages in programming. It is because we require very few lines for coding it. The emphasis here is on simplicity and readability- thus making it a commendable choice for any beginner in programming.

It is an interpreted type of language that is high-level in nature. Guido Van Rossum invented Python back in 1991, and now it provides enormous support for the library. Thus, it is easy to implement various algorithms and programs using this language. The object-oriented approach and language constructs in Python make it easy for programmers to draft logical and clear code for a variety of projects.

What is Java?

It is a type of programming language that is network-centric, object-oriented, and multi-platform in nature. Java is one of the most highly used languages in programming. Sun Microsystem originally developed and released Java first in 1995, and the Oracle Corporation later acquired it.

Java also serves as a computing system, and it has a similar syntax to that of C and C++. The only difference is that it comes with difficulties of a lower level. This language is independent of any platform. It is WORA in nature (Write Once Run Anywhere). It means that we can easily run compiled Java code on various other platforms without recompiling it.

Difference Between Python and Java

Parameters Python Java
Lines of Code This language has fewer lines of code. This language comes with more lines of code.
Number of Frameworks Python has a comparatively lower number of frameworks than the Java language. Flask, Django, etc., are the most popular ones here. Java has a comparatively larger number of frameworks than the Python language. Hibernate, Spring, etc., are the most popular ones here.
Complexity of Syntax The syntax of Python is pretty simple, thus very easy to remember. It is because its syntax is very similar to that of the human language. The syntax of Java is comparatively much more complex. It will throw an error in case you miss a minor thing, like a curly brace or a semicolon. Thus, any random user cannot memorize the codes/ syntax of this language.
Key Features Offered The Python language comes with very few lines of code, dynamic typing, and very rapid deployment. The Java language is independent of the platform, robust, and capable of managing memory by itself.
Speed This language is comparatively much slower. It is because it uses an interpreter and works on determining the data type at the time of running. This language is comparatively much faster than the Python language.
Databases The database access layers of the Python language are much weaker than that of Java Database Connectivity (JDBC). Thus, enterprises rarely make use of Python. The most widely used and popular way in which one can connect to the database with Java is the JDBC.
Libraries for Machine Learning Pytorch, Tensorflow. MOA, Deeplearning4j, Mallet, Weka.
Practical Agility The Python language always established a presence in the agile space. Thus, over the years, it grew very popular, for instance, in the rising of the DevOps movement. The Java language comes with more consistent and better refactoring support than Python. Due to its static type system, the automated refactored system becomes way more reliable and predictable.

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