Final Day IBPS Po Interview Tips

IBPS PO Interview is the final stage of its recruitment process which will qualify the candidates for the bank jobs. The candidates who have cleared the Mains Exam are called for the interview. In this section, candidates are not only judged based on their knowledge but also on their etiquettes and personality. Therefore, this is a very crucial stage for the candidates and most of them become nervous as the final day approaches. Here are some tips, which can prepare the aspirants for the final day interview.

  • Candidates should know that 8 out of 20 marks of the interview are for dressing. So candidates should never wear jeans and should always come in formal clothes. Candidates should always ask before entering and wish everyone in the interview panel.
  • In the Interview Panel, there will be 5 to 6 persons of finest intellectuals from the banking sector who are knowledgeable and well-exposed professionals to the banking sector. One person out of them will be a psychologist whose job is to study the candidate’s behavior and personality. So candidates must never lie during the interview or agree to something they don’t know because this can have a negative impact on them.
  • Candidates should be completely aware of their Bio-data. Interviewers generally ask many questions from the Bio-data of the candidate so they should not lie in their Bio-data. They should be fully aware of their education qualification, hobbies, extracurricular activities, cities they lived in and other information related to their Bio-data.
  • B.Tech students should have a very convincing reason for coming into the banking sector from the engineering field and should never get demoralized. Engineering students should have confidence and never show that they cannot work under a BA qualified person.
  • Interviewers can ask typical questions to make the candidate annoyed. But candidates should know that this is being done intentionally by the interviewers to check if they can control themselves and reply appropriately in a good manner.
  • Candidates should show the interviewers how much they need them for the job. But they should not be over confident as it could have a negative impact.
  • Interviewers can ask candidates about their past and make them totally involved in that then suddenly the interviewers will bring them back to the reality. Here the interviewers check how the candidate deals with difficult situations.

Hence with the help of these tips the candidates will have a better approach towards the interview process which will help them be positive and confident and qualify the last stage of the recruitment process.

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