IBPS SO Mock Test 2

The free IBPS SO Mock Test contains 25 questions covering the three main sections of the IBPS SO Prelims Syllabus.

Aspirants can check the answers in the free IBPS SO Mock Test PDF which is given after the questions. The questions are modelled on the lines of the previous years’ IBPS SO question papers.

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Free IBPS SO Mock Test

Directions (1-3): Carefully read the below mentioned instructions and then answer the questions.

There are eight people Anand, Barkha, Chandan, Devika, Elli, Fatima, Garima and Harshita. They live on an eight floor building. The topmost floor is 8 and the bottom most floor is 1. They are all of different ages i.e. 36, 45, 28, 11, 15, 24, 17 and 5, not in the same order.

There are two people who live between Elli and Chandan. Harshita is the oldest person but doesn’t live on an even-numbered floor. There are only two people living between Chandan and the floor on which the third youngest person lives. Barkha lives just above the floor on which the person who is 5 years old lives. Elli’s age is a perfect square of an even number. Barkha lives on an even-numbered floor. Elli lives on an odd-numbered floor. Neither Garima nor Fatima lives on 7th floor. Barkha’s age is neither 11 nor 17 years. The one who lives on the 2nd floor, his age is an even number, but he is not 24 years old. Anand lives on even numbered floor above Barkha. Devika lives on an even-numbered floor. Only two people live between Garima and Anand, whose age is a prime number, but he is younger than Fatima.

Q 1. What are the number of floors between the one sitting on the 7th floor and the one who is 45 year in age?

  1. Three
  2. Two
  3. Five
  4. One
  5. Four

Q 2. Who lives on the 4th floor?

  1. Harshita
  2. The one who is 15 years old
  3. The one who likes white colour
  4. Garima
  5. Barkha

Q 3. Which of the given combinations is incorrect?

  1. Anand-11 years-8th floor
  2. Fatima-15 years-1st floor
  3. Harshita-45 years-2nd floor
  4. Elli-36 years-7th floor
  5. Chandan-17 years-4th floor

Q 4. How many pairs of letters are there in the word “AWARENESS” each of which has as many letters between them as they have between them in the English alphabetical series?

  1. Two
  2. One
  3. None
  4. Four
  5. More than four

Directions (5-6): In each of the given questions, three statements are given, followed by two conclusions. Read the statements carefully and based on it, mark which conclusion logically follows the given statements

Q 5.

Statements: Only a few blue are red.

No green is red.

All blue is black.

Conclusion I: All green are blue is a possibility.

Conclusion II: All black is red is a possibility.

  1. Only conclusion I follows
  2. Only conclusion II follows
  3. Neither conclusion I nor II follow
  4. Both conclusion I and II follow
  5. Either conclusion I or II follows.

Q 6.

Statements: Only a few books are copies.

No copy is diary.

Some notepads are diary

Conclusion I: All notepads can never be copy.

Conclusion II: All books are diary is a possibility.

  1. Only conclusion I follows
  2. Only conclusion II follows
  3. Both conclusion I and II follow
  4. Neither conclusion I nor II follows
  5. Either conclusion I or II follows.

Directions (7-8): Read the instructions given below carefully and then answer the questions

L + M means L is Sister of M

L – M means L is brother of M

L x M means L is Wife of M

L & M means L is Mother of M

L ÷ M means L is of Father M

Q 7. In the expression Z – Y × W ÷ Q, how is Z related to Q?

  1. Uncle
  2. Father
  3. Brother
  4. Sister-in-law
  5. None of the above

Q 8. Which of the following expressions shows that C is mother of E?

  1. A + C – B + E ÷ D
  2. A × C & B ÷ E+ D
  3. A − B + C & D − E
  4. C + A × D ÷ B − E
  5. None of these

Q 9. Read the alphanumeric series given below carefully and answer the question based on the series.

A * 2 M + S O 6 M ? 0 Q B Z ^ 7 L $ D 1 K % E G 3 I W # U V 9

In the given series, how many numbers are immediately followed by a consonant and preceded by a symbol?

  1. Four
  2. More than 5
  3. Two
  4. Three
  5. One

Directions (10-12): The table given below gives information regarding offices of a multinational company in five countries. Study the table carefully and answer the following questions:


Total number of employees

Ratio of male to female employees
















Q 10. What is the ratio of the number of men working in the company for country R to the number of women employees working in country S?

  1. 4:5
  2. 5:4
  3. 30:13
  4. 13:30
  5. 13:17

Q 11. What is the average number of employees working in all the countries together?

  1. 2560
  2. 2580
  3. 2570
  4. 2550
  5. None of the above

Q 12. What is the total number of male employees working for countries Q,R and T together?

  1. 2480
  2. 3580
  3. 4450
  4. 3250
  5. 3480

Q 13. A shopkeeper sold a notebook for ₹19.50. He made a profit of 30% on that notebook. By how much should he increase the selling price of the notebook, so as to make a profit of 40%?

  1. ₹1.50
  2. ₹2
  3. ₹1.25
  4. ₹3.5
  5. ₹2.5

Q 14. The speed of a moving train is 132 km/hr. Length of the train is 110 metres, how long will it take for the train to cross a railway platform which is 165 metres long?

  1. 7 seconds
  2. 5 seconds
  3. 5 ½ seconds
  4. 6 ½ seconds
  5. 7 ½ seconds

Q 15. Arif borrows ₹10,000 at 2% per annum simple interest for 2 years . He immediately lends it to his friend at 8 ¼ % p.a for 2 years. Find his gain in the transaction per year.

  1. 235
  2. 265
  3. 635
  4. 625
  5. None of the above

Q 16. The ratio of the two numbers is 1:2 and their sum is 420. Find the difference between the greater number and the smaller number.

  1. 140
  2. 240
  3. 280
  4. 120
  5. None of the above

Q 17. The total area of a rectangle and square is 496 sq cm. Each side of the square measures 14cm. Length of the rectangle is 25cm, what will be the sum of the perimeter of square and perimeter of rectangle?

  1. 125 cm
  2. 130 cm
  3. 300 cm
  4. 120 cm
  5. None of the above

Q 18. Find the approximate value of:

34.01 × 14.99 + 27.01 × 87.001 – 42 × 32.5 = ?

  1. 1115
  2. 5151
  3. 1551
  4. 1515
  5. 1511

Directions (19-20): Each question has a pair of capitalized words along with four pairs of alternatives. Choose the best alternative that expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the capitalized word.


  1. Nimbus : Cloud
  2. Instrument : Calibration
  3. Climate : Rain
  4. Aircraft : Jet


  1. Lawyer : Judge
  2. Homicide : Penalty
  3. Court : Room
  4. Accused : Defendant

Directions (21-22): Questions given below is a sentence divided into four parts. Select the part which has an error.

Q 21.

  1. You did not wait
  2. for us before you
  3. went to meet him.
  4. Isn’t it?

Q 22.

  1. Who have you
  2. invited for the lecture
  3. on astrophysics
  4. this evening?

Q 23. Given below are sentences in improper sequence, which form a logical paragraph when sequenced properly. From the given choices you have to choose the most logical order of sentences to construct a rational paragraph.

  1. Secret persons shall strike with weapons, fire or poison.
  2. The conqueror shall cause enemy kingdom to be destroyed by neighboring kings, jungle tribes pretenders or unjustly treated princes
  3. He shall destroy their caravans, herds, forests and troop reinforcements.
  4. Clans mutually supporting each other shall be made to strike at the weak points.
  1. 2341
  2. 1234
  3. 2431
  4. 1432

Directions (24-25): Questions given below have four items. Choose the option that does not belong to the given group.

Q 24.

  1. Equestrian
  2. Neigh
  3. Cortex
  4. Derby

Q 25.

  1. Deft
  2. Relevant
  3. Appropriate
  4. Apt

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