Prepare English For IBPS Specialist Officer Exam

The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) conducts common written examination for the recruitment of the post of the specialist officer. This bank exam is divided into tiers where the candidates who clear the cut off for prelims are allowed to appear for Mains.

English is a compulsory subject in both the phases. The candidates often take this subject lightly and there they commit the biggest blunder of not clearing the sectional cut-off.

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Though English is not based on calculations and is not complex yet the candidates need to be well acquainted and has to master in the vocabulary section to score well in the written exam as well as be fluent in the interview. Every competitive exam sets English as one of the major priorities. So this subject should be focused accordingly to start with the preparation.

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There will be 50 questions to attempt in duration of 25 minutes. The candidates should proceed confidently only if they know the correct answer to avoid negative marking.

Weightage of the topics in English section:

Topics No of questions likely to come
Reading Comprehension 10
Fill in the blanks 0-5
Paragraph Complete/ Sentence Correction 5
Cloze Test 10
Multiple meaning/error solving 0-5
Para Jumbles 5
Miscellaneous 5

For the detailed Verbal Ability syllabus and other exams in which this section is included, candidates can visit the linked article.

Another recommended option to prepare for the English section in bank exams is by solving mock tests, previous year questions and online quiz. This will help you apprehend and understand the type and standard of questions asked in the exam.

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Tips To Prepare English Language for IBPS SO Exam

Given below are a few major tips which shall help candidates ace the English language section in the upcoming Specialist Officer exam:

  1. Work on Improving Your Grammar The maximum mistakes which are done are the grammatical errors which a candidate tends to make this section. Thus, having a strong command over the grammatical aspect is a must
  2. Emphasize on Careful Reading – Mostly candidates in a rush to answer questions, do not read the questions carefully. Thus, before answering the questions, the applicant must carefully read the question
  3. Use the Option Elimination Method To Answer Questions – In case a candidate is confused regarding what is the answer is because of similar options, they must use the approach of eliminating options which are least appropriate with respect to the question
  4. Do Not guess the Answers – Since there is negative marking in the IBPS SO exam, candidates must only attempt the questions they are completely sure about and do not indulge in guessing the answers

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IBPS SO English Language – Things To Work On

Here are some preparation tips for the candidates to be followed keeping the expected number of question in mind for each section.

  • Comprehension: Most of the candidates find easy to answer this part thinking that only reading the comprehension and answering accordingly will do but this is not the right way. Comprehension part is included for the candidates to analyze the passage and frame the answers in their own words. A strong depth and understanding of vocabulary are needed to answer those questions. The passage is mostly on topics like banking, financial awareness, banking and economy, vocabulary and theme based questions and synonyms and antonyms.
  • Grammar: This part requires practice in their daily schedule. The previous years question papers, mock papers or the reference books will help to get familiar with solving grammar. This part is almost like numerical calculations, if the answer is right then the candidate will get full credit and if it is wrong, then they are likely to get negative marks. The topics included here are tenses, sentence correction, preposition, etc.
  • Error spotting: This section requires a depth of the basic of English language. This is included in the vocabulary part and to make the vocabulary strong where questions like error spotting is quite difficult to find an error in a sentence and for that the candidate need to know the roots of the words and practice accordingly. To build up a strong vocabulary, one can try listing up new words every day and remember it through a context they get to read.
  • Sentence formation and verbal ability: The candidate need to be thorough in sentence formation for this regular reading of newspapers will help in building up a good sentence construction. The verbal ability includes Para jumbles which are a bit complex to solve so practice is all one needs for perfection.

The English Language section is one where candidates can easily score marks without any long calculations or solutions. Only basic English questions are asked which any candidate can easily answer if they aware of the various Grammar-based rules.

Dedication and hard work will ensure that the candidate will go a long way in the banking sector. These tips will help them to prepare well in English. For any details regarding bank exams, visit BYJU’S.

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Frequently Asked Question about preparing for Bank PO vs IT


Who earns better: IT sector or bank PO?

An IT professional starting his/her career at the same time as a Bank PO can earn exponentially better than them. Private banking employees could still, compete to some extent in terms of salaries by changing banks, but not the people employed in a government bank.

Which is more stressful IT or banking?

In India, banking, finance and IT sectors have gruelling work environments but banking trumps the list.

Are all IT jobs stressful?

The increased stress level of IT work is based on four years of data from GFI Software, which commissioned an independent survey on this topic. The survey, which started in 2012, just released its 2015 report, and found that of 78% of the IT workers surveyed consider their job stressful.

What is the main bone of contention for banking and IT Jobs

The main bone of contention among all employees is salary, and entry-level IT job vacancies would provide you with a salary of Rs 5-6 lakh per annum. The IT industry has multiple department where one would get employed and gets a decent salary by the course of time.


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