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Difference between Coding and Programming

Coding is the action of writing code in different languages, while on the other hand, programming is the method of assembling executable software that can deliver error-free outputs. Let’s find out some major differences between coding and programming.

What is Coding?

Coding is a procedure of converting ideas and instructions into a language that the system can understand. We can say that coding is doing the job of translating. It changes the code of one language to another without modifying the instructions, meaning and logic behind it.

What is Programming?

Programming is the execution of logic to enable computing functions and procedures. It is basically a set of guidelines for a specific device through which we can perform the tasks.

Difference between Coding and Programming

S.No. Coding Programming
1. Coding is an important segment of programming. Programming means creating a fully functional software system.
2. The output should be functional and useful code. The output should be a website, software or an application.
3. In coding, a simple text editor is enough to proceed. In programming, a bunch of tools are required to perform various tasks such as debugging, testing and more.
4. A coder should possess the basic idea of programming languages, concept of languages and syntax. A programmer should be expertise in project management, algorithms and situation modelling.
5. No conditions are required to get initiated. In programming, proper planning and time accuracy is very important in order to proceed further.

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