Difference between SSD and HDD

Hard Disk Drive Vs. Solid Disk Drive: Explore the Difference Between HDD and SSD

Hard disk drive and solid-state drive are the storage devices used to store data. Where the HDD is a traditional storage mechanism, the SSD is the newer and more advanced one. The major difference between HDD and SSD is in the process they store and access data. Let’s analyze the main difference between HDD and SSD.

What is an HDD (Hard Disk Drive) ?

A hard disk drive (HDD) is a traditional, non-volatile, and the most substantial data storage system. It is placed internally on a computer and contains platters. It is a different mechanism that reads and writes data on a hard disk and uses platters, and a head(read/write) to access data.

What is an SSD (Solid Disk Drive) ?

The solid-state drive is the newer and the advanced version of storage used in computers. It uses a flash-based memory system and due to which it is faster and more efficient than the traditional hard disk. SSD is one of the most important mechanisms that can enhance the performance of your computer, basically speeding up your system.

Difference Between HDD and SSD

S.No. Hard Disk Drive Solid Disk Drive
1. The full form of HDD is Hard Disk Drive. The full form of SSD is Solid State Drive.
2. It is inexpensive. It is expensive.
3. The hard disk drive has a longer read/write time. The solid-state drive has a shorter read/write time.
4. The latency is high in HDD. The latency is low in SSD.
5. It can generate noise due to mechanical movements. It does not produce any noise.
6. It holds lesser I/O operations per second (IOPS). It holds more I/O operations per second (IOPS).
7. Hard disk drive is heavy in weight. Solid-state drives are light in weight.
8. Hard disk drive is large in size. Solid-state drives are compact in size.
9. It includes fragmentation. It doesn’t include fragmentation.
10. When it comes to reliability, HDD is less reliable. This is because there is a possibility of mechanical failure. SSD is more reliable.
11. HDD is a traditional version of storage. SSD is a newer and advanced version of storage.

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