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Difference Between Java and Core Java

The Java language is pretty famous in the arena of programming, and it basically follows the concept of object-oriented programming. Developed by Sun Microsystems, this language is basically the successor of C++ and C languages. There is a major difference between Java and Core Java.

Sun Microsystems uses the term Core Java for referring to the standard edition of Java J2SE. It’s the parent edition to all the other Java editions, and it has a wide usage among a lot of systems like Android. It is a very secure and fast scripting language. Thus, one can easily run Java on a variety of platforms without the need to compile it. As a result, Java becomes a high-level programming language capable of running anywhere. The language is object-oriented and depends on the class. For different classes, the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) compiles the Java program.

As already mentioned earlier, Core Java is a general term used for the standard, most basic version/ edition of the Java language. Core Java is basically the language that one uses for making various other editions of Java. In simpler words, it is a part of the Java language, mainly utilized for developing various server-based apps and desktop apps. In this article, we will discuss the major difference between Java and Core Java in a tabular form. Read ahead to learn more.

Difference Between Java and Core Java

Here is a list of the differences between Java and Core Java.

Parameters Java Core Java
Meaning It is a type of programming language. It is the most standard and basic edition of the Java language that constitutes the core of various other iterations/ editions of Java.
Constituent Editions Java consists of J2ME, J2EE, and J2SE. Core Java consists only of J2SE.
Uses We generally use the Java language to develop various applications as well as applets. We can only use Core Java for developing various server-based applications and website applications.
Correlation The Java language forms a superset of Core Java. Core Java is basically a subset of the Java language.
Usage in Embedded Systems One can use Java for mapping various applications on any given embedded system. You cannot make use of Core Java for developing an app for any mobile or embedded systems.
Communities Involved Java gets a continuous contribution from various Java developers, industry experts, as well as other organizations that are open-source. Core Java is not at all Community-driven.
Network Usage It is capable of reducing overall network usage. Thus, it is very budget-friendly. It is not capable of reducing the overall network usage.

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