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Difference Between WiFi and HotSpot

Both of these are modes of establishing a wireless Internet connection. Still, there is a significant difference between WiFi and HotSpot. A hotspot renders a wireless network to the devices in the vicinity, while the hotspot on those devices allows them to receive the internet. In this article, we will discuss the difference between WiFi and HotSpot in detail. But let us first understand a bit more about each of them individually.

What is WiFi?

The term WiFi is an acronym for Wireless Fidelity. It is a wireless type of communication technology that we can use for Local Area Network (LAN). A typical WiFi makes use of electromagnetic waves that fall under radio frequency bands of about 2.4 GHz (to establish a wireless connection). We establish a WiFi system by the use of wireless devices for creating a hotspot. No hotspot would be available to anyone without WiFi on their devices. The system of WiFi is more flexible and secure in nature. One can use it for connecting computers, printers, gaming consoles, etc.

What is HotSpot?

The WiFi of an area creates a HotSpot. Such a system makes it possible for the devices in the vicinity to get wireless internet with the help of wifi. An access point device creates a hotspot, but in normal terms, the access point device and hotspot have the same meaning. We connect this access point to a router or gateway- which then connects to the Internet. People can use a HotSpot commonly in public places as well. Thus, as compared to private WiFi systems, the HotSpots are much less secure.

Difference Between WiFi and HotSpot

Parameters WiFi HotSpot
Meaning and Definition It is a wireless form of communication technology that we can use for the Local Area Networks (LAN). It provides an internet connection to various devices in the vicinity with the help of WiFi.
Basics A WiFi system acts as the end receiver of the wireless internet services. A hotspot acts as the end donor of wireless internet services.
Interdependency No hotspot can be present without wifi. Wifi creates a hotspot network among the devices.
Devices Used For creating WiFi, we need an access point and wireless devices for interconnection. For creating HotSpot, we need a router connecting to the access point device.
Speed of Internet The speed generated for wireless Internet among multiple users is very high as compared to the hotspot system. The speed generated for wireless Internet among multiple users is pretty low as compared to the wifi system.
Service Providers The ISP (Internet Service Provider) of a local area provides WiFi services. Mainly, phone or cellular corporations largely provide hotspot services to various users.
Level of Security It is much more secure than the system of a hotspot. We typically use hotspots in public places. Thus, it becomes much less secure as compared to the private wifi systems.
Mode of Communication A typical WiFi uses electromagnetic waves under a 2.4 GHz radio frequency band for establishing communication. A typical HotSpot uses the technology of WiFi for connecting various devices to an access point (that shares the internet).

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