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Environmental Science MCQs

MCQs on Environmental Science

Solve Environmental Science Multiple-Choice Questions to prepare better for GATE. Learn more about Environmental Science and Environmental Science MCQs by checking notes, mock tests, and previous years’ question papers. Gauge the pattern of MCQs on Environmental Science by solving the ones that we have compiled below for your practice:

Environmental Science Multiple-Choice Questions

1. Which of these expressions is used in the case of population forecasting with the help of the arithmetical increase method?

a. PO – n*x

b. PO + n*x + ( n(n+1)/2 )*y

c. PO + n*x

d. PO (1 + R/100)n

Answer: (c) PO + n*x

2. If the gas and acid are formed in a multiple tube fermentation technique, what is the test performed?

a. Discarded

b. Negative

c. Continued

d. Positive

Answer: (d) Positive

3. What would be the mean velocity gradient’s dimensional formula?

a. T

b. 1/T

c. T2

d. 1/T2

Answer: (b) 1/T

4. A rapid sand filter’s effective size is:

a. 0.9 mm

b. 0.8 mm

c. 0.7 mm

d. 0.45 mm

Answer: (d) 0.45 mm

5. Ozone is an allotrope of oxygen which is ____________ in nature.

a. Polyatomic

b. Triatomic

c. Diatomic

d. Monoatomic

Answer: (b) Triatomic

6. The artificial zeolite permutit is ____________ in colour.

a. Yellow

b. Grey

c. White

d. Green

Answer: (c) White

7. In which of these desalination processes are the salt ions removed from the seawater with the use of electric current?

a. Electro-dialysis

b. Distillation

c. Freezing

d. Reverse osmosis

Answer: (a) Electro-dialysis

8. A reciprocating pump has the maximum efficiency of:

a. 85%

b. 100%

c. 60%

d. 50%

Answer: (a) 85%

9. If the velocity of water in any given pipe is 1.8 m/s, then what should be the diameter of the pipe ideally used?

a. 40 cm

b. 25 cm

c. 15 cm

d. 10 cm

Answer: (a) 40cm

10. Which of these surfaces has the max Kuichling’s impermeability factor?

a. Macadamized road ways

b. Unpaved surface

c. Watertight roof surface

d. Gravel road

Answer: (c) Watertight roof surface

11. An Egg shaped sewer’s upper portion is known as the:

a. Invert

b. Level

c. Wedge

d. Arch

Answer: (d) Arch

12. The ventilating columns are placed at an interval of ______ along any given sewer line.

a. 100 m

b. 150 m

c. 30 m

d. 50 m

Answer: (b) 150 m

13. The Methane is formed after the reduction of the:

a. Organic acids

b. Carbon dioxide

c. Sulphates

d. Nitrates

Answer: (a) Organic acids

14. In lakes, the uppermost zone is known as the ____________ zone.

a. Benthic

b. Euphotic

c. Climate

d. Littoral

Answer: (b) Euphotic

15. In the case of a detritus tank, the design velocity of flow would be:

a. 0.5 m/s

b. 0.9 m/s

c. 1.2 m/s

d. 1 m/s

Answer: (b) 0.9 m/s

16. A plain sedimentation tank’s overflow rate is ____________ litre/day/metre²:

a. 40000

b. 50000

c. 30000

d. 12000

Answer: (d) 12000

17. What device is used in an aeration tank for various cleaning purposes?

a. Tube diffuser

b. Diffuser plate

c. Header pipe

d. Paddles

Answer: (a) Tube diffuser

18. An oxidation pond’s detention period is:

a. 4 hours

b. 30-60 seconds

c. 12-36 hours

d. 10-20 days

Answer: (d) 10-20 days

19. Which of these is NOT an adsorption unit’s part?

a. Multiple fixed bed

b. Moving bed

c. Packed towers

d. Fluidized bed

Answer: (c) Packed towers

20. Which place receives the highest annual rainfall in India?

a. Cherrapunji

b. Phyllut

c. Mawsynram

d. Siju

Answer: (c) Mawsynram

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