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Is Calculator Allowed in GATE?

During the GATE Exams, candidates cannot carry many items to the exam centres and take them for the exams. Therefore, a significant concern for most candidates was “Is Calculator Allowed in GATE.” The calculator is mandatory for the students during the GATE exams. Candidates also wish to know which calculator is allowed in GATE. Then the answer to the “Is Calculator allowed in GATE exam” should be a resounding yes. However, contrary to what we believe, physical calculators or electronics, or communication devices are not allowed into the exam hall.

Is Scientific Calculator Allowed in GATE?

So, then the next questions to arise would be is scientific calculator allowed in GATE. As we got the answer to Is Calculator Allowed in GATE as a no for physical calculators, most candidates will be wondering how they will answer some of the questions that most often appear in the GATE exam. For these, candidates will have to know that a type of calculator is allowed in the GATE exam. Even if candidates are not allowed to carry physical calculators while taking the exams, they, however, will be given a virtual scientific calculator, which the candidates can use to answer the pertinent questions.

Also, candidates have to make sure that they do not carry any physical calculators or even an electronic watch or mobile phone in the GATE examination hall. If found with these items, it will be considered a violation of the GATE exam code of conduct and the candidate will be disqualified from appearing for the GATE exams.


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