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Powerpoint MCQs

MCQs on Powerpoint

Solve Powerpoint Multiple-Choice Questions to prepare better for GATE. Learn more about Powerpoint and Powerpoint MCQs by checking notes, mock tests, and previous years’ question papers. Gauge the pattern of MCQs on Powerpoint by solving the ones that we have compiled below for your practice:

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Powerpoint Multiple-Choice Questions

1. In MS PowerPoint presentations, the designs regulate the layout and formatting for the slide. These are commonly known as:

a. Blueprints

b. Placeholders

c. Templates

d. Design Plates

Answer: (c) Templates

2. The Handout Master consists of placeholders for all of these except the:

a. title

b. slide number

c. header

d. footer

Answer: (a) title

3. Which of these PowerPoint features would allow any user to create a given simple presentation quicker?

a. Animations

b. Chart Wizard

c. Transition Wizard

d. AutoContent Wizard

Answer: (d) AutoContent Wizard

4. The File that consists of readymade styles that we can easily use for our presentation is known as:

a. Pre formatting

b. Template

c. Wizard

d. AutoStyle

Answer: (b) Template

5. What is the max Zoom percentage in MS PowerPoint?

a. 400%

b. 300%

c. 200%

d. 100%

Answer: (a) 400%

6. A PowerPoint design template is stored in any file with __________ extensions.

a. .pot

b. .ptt

c. .dtp

d. .ppt

Answer: (a) .pot

7. Which of these options in PowerPoint would allow us to carry any set of slides from a given computer to another one?

a. Web and Go

b. Pack and Go

c. Save and Go

d. Save As

Answer: (b) Pack and Go

8. Which of these is a type of sound file?

a. DAT files

b. LOG files

c. DRV files

d. WAV files

Answer: (d) WAV files

9. In the current presentation, if we want to insert a new slide, we can choose which of these?

a. Ctrl + F

b. Ctrl + O

c. Ctrl + M

d. Ctrl + N

Answer: (c) Ctrl + M

10. Which of these terms do we use when an image in a clip art changes the direction that it was originally facing?

a. Mirror

b. Rotate

c. Flip

d. Group

Answer: (b) Rotate

11. Which of these refers to the PowerPoint view used for displaying only the text (title and bullets)?

a. Slide sorter show

b. Slide view

c. Outline view

d. Notes page view

Answer: (c) Outline view

12. Which toolbar provides various options in different master views?

a. Standard toolbar

b. Formatting toolbar

c. Drawing toolbar

d. Common tasks toolbar

Answer: (d) Common tasks toolbar

13. We can find any and every command on the:

a. Menu bar

b. Standard toolbar

c. Formatting toolbar

d. Drawing toolbar

Answer: (a) Menu bar

14. Which of these features should one use when we want to type in the text box for notes?

a. Insert

b. Slide shows

c. Zoom

d. Slide master

Answer: (c) Zoom

15. Which of these is the page setup orientation by default of the slides in PowerPoint?

a. Landscape

b. Portrait

c. Vertical

d. None of the above

Answer: (a) Landscape

16. From which of these menus can we access a Text Box, Picture, Chart etc.?

a. View

b. Insert

c. Edit

d. File

Answer: (b) Insert

17. Which of these font effects is NOT available in the PowerPoint Font dialogue box?

a. Shadow

b. Underline

c. Strikethrough

d. Emboss

Answer: (c) Strikethrough

18. Which of these sections does a slide layout NOT have?

a. Lists

b. Animations

c. Titles

d. Charts

Answer: (b) Animations

19. What do we use if we want to add texts in a given slide?

a. Comment Box

b. Text Layer

c. Note Box

d. Text Box

Answer: (d) Text Box

20. Which types of templates provides all the users with a design concept, colour scheme, and fonts for presentation?

a. Content

b. Format

c. Normal

d. Design

Answer: (d) Design

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