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SQL Server MCQs

MCQs on SQL Server

Solve SQL Server Multiple-Choice Questions to prepare better for GATE. Learn more about SQL Server and SQL Server MCQs by checking notes, mock tests, and previous years’ question papers. Gauge the pattern of MCQs on SQL Server by solving the ones that we have compiled below for your practice:

SQL Server Multiple-Choice Questions

1. The @@NESTLEVEL function would fall under which of these categories?

a. Data Functions of Date and Time

b. Mathematical Functions

c. Cursor Functions

d. Configuration Functions

Answer: (d) Configuration Functions

2. Which of these commands is used if we want in a PowerShell to get child items?

a. Set-Alias

b. Get-Child

c. Get-ChildItem

d. Get-Command

Answer: (c) Get-ChildItem

3. Which of these refers to the computer operations’ duplication and routine backups for combating any unforeseen problems?

a. Deadlock

b. Recovery

c. Concurrency

d. Backup

Answer: (b) Recovery

4. What are all the identifiers in an XQuery known as?

a. QFor

b. Qidt

c. QName

d. Name

Answer: (c) QName

5. Which of these databases must be regularly backed up?

a. Master


c. Pub

d. Adventure Works

Answer: (a) Master

6. Which of these statements can we check for Errors?





Answer: (a) INSERT

7. The Server in SQL can be applied AFTER trigger to:

a. Function

b. Views and Table

c. Table

d. Views

Answer: (b) Views and Table

8. Which of these with SQL Server refers to an enumeration for

a. SqlBulkCopyOptions

b. SqlNotification

c. SqlInfo

d. All of the above

Answer: (a) SqlBulkCopyOptions

9. Which of these refers to a tool used for the migration of the databases from MS Access versions 97 through the 2010 one to the MS SQL Server 2005?





Answer: (d) SSMA

10. Which of these commands would defragment the clustered as well as the secondary indexes of any given specified table?






11. The database happens to be read-only in which of these modes?

a. Restore mode

b. Stand by

c. Read-only

d. All of the above

Answer: (b) Stand by

12. Which of the waits would occur when any worker is trying to request access to some resources that are NOT available since the resources are being used by other workers or are not available yet?

a. External

b. Lock

c. Queue

d. Resource

Answer: (d) Resource

13. The Packages of SQL Server Extended Events consist of:

a. Predicates

b. Types

c. Events

d. All of the above

Answer: (d) All of the above

14. Which of these fields has a varbinary data type in the case of cdc.lsn_time_mapping?

a. tran_id

b. start_lsn

c. tran_begin_time

d. all of the above

Answer: (a) tran_id

15. Which of these identifies a query plan uniquely for any batch that has been executed and whose plans reside in our plan cache?

a. sql_handle

b. pool_name

c. plan_handle

d. none of the above

Answer: (c) plan_handle

16. Which of these backups are taken in full recovery models only or in bulk?

a. Active

b. Log

c. Replica

d. Passive

Answer: (b) Log

17. Which of these would cause a server to raise a certain error whenever the MS SQL Server Analysis Services also finds an error in the MDX script?

a. IgnoreNone

b. IgnoreAll

c. Ignore

d. All of the above

Answer: (a) IgnoreNone

18. Which of these tools analyse as well as highlights those data rows that do NOT match the general patterns of the rest of the table?

a. Highlight

b. Exceptions

c. Highlight Exceptions

d. Scenario Analysis

Answer: (c) Highlight Exceptions

19. What is the Space Requirement for the SQL Server 2012 R2 Hard Disk for the database engines?

a. 511 MegaBytes

b. 611 MegaBytes

c. 711 MegaBytes

d. 811 MegaBytes

Answer: (d) 811 MegaBytes

20. Which of these would hold some set of temporary data?

a. Msdb

b. Tempdb

c. Master

d. Northwind

Answer: (b) Tempdb

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