IBPS Interview Marks Distribution: Can Interview Panel Fail A Candidate

The Institute of the Banking Personnel Selection conducts the Interview for qualified candidates after the Mains exam. The final stage of the IBPS exam process is the IBPS interview. The interview is conducted only for the IBPS PO and IBPS SO exams.

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Many candidates may have questions about whether the interview panel fails any candidate. In this article, we will try to answer this question by studying the marks distribution in the IBPS interview and discuss some dos and don’ts for the same.

The IBPS Interview dates will be published shortly for the 2023 exams.

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IBPS PO Interview

The IBPS Interview is allotted 100 marks. As an aspirant, you need to score at least 40% in the CWE exam to be eligible for the interview process.

However, only those who clear the examination above the IBPS PO cut off marks are called for it. There are certain factors taken into consideration and as per industry experts.

The marks distribution for IBPS PO Interview is given below:

Marks Factors Taken Into Consideration
5-10 Body Language and Basic Etiquette
10-20 Basic Hygiene and Dressing Sense
10 Basic Knowledge on Subjects of General Interest
10 Knowledge in Stated Area of Expertise and Graduation Subjects
10 Knowledge of Current Affairs
10 Knowledge About The Banking Industry
10 Honesty
10 Situational Responses and Case Study

The passing marks for the IBPS interview are 40 for general category aspirants and 35 for SC/ST/PWD category candidates. Based on the marks distribution, there is very less chance of failing in the interview.

The only way you fail in an interview is if you start an argument with the panel. They will try to get under your skin to check patience levels and etiquette. Candidates should put their best foot forward and handle every question courteously.

IBPS SO Interview

The IBPS SO exam interview process has a very similar marks distribution as the PO interview. However, the focus on case studies is more. The case studies are also more technical in nature and related to the field that the candidate has applied for.
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Do’s and Don’ts for IBPS Interview

The main aim of the screening process is elimination, not selection. If 600 candidates are in the interview for the post, it is obvious that thousands of candidates would have got disqualified in the CWE.

The CWE checks the candidates’ knowledge level, while the interview is a test of personality, interpersonal and communication skills.

Candidates should keep in mind the following points for the IBPS interview:

  • Dress formally and simply.
  • Maintain courtesy and be pleasant to everybody in the organisation.
  • Avoid strong perfumes and smoking on the day of the interview
  • Remain confident and honest during the interview.

Candidates can also review the IBPS PO prelims exam analysis and understand the exam pattern and the level of exam better.

Some common mistakes that might get a candidate disqualified during the interview are:

  • Not knowing about your motivation for your choice of career: The motivation to appear for bank exams is a very common interview question. You should have very good reasons for choosing a banking career.
  • Not knowing about the banking sector: Basic knowledge about the banking sector is a must. The IBPS interview panel is very particular about background knowledge about basic banking terms and issues faced by banks.
  • Being careless about General Knowledge: You should be up to date with at least the last 6 months of news happening around the world. Your general knowledge tells how aware are you about your surroundings.
  • Getting nervous: Lower confidence will kill your chances at the interview. In the IBPS interview, however, confidence assumes even more important as most of the positions require working with multiple people including cross-functional teams, customers and industries.

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At the end of the day, the interview is supposed to be a friendly conversation about the candidates’ ability to train for the job. Aspirants should approach the panel with an open mind, maintain civility and be honest.

If the interview panel senses that you are eager to learn and do your best, other factors such as social background, lack of good communication skills etc. assume less importance. The panel would recommend only those candidates who show the ability and patience to learn on the job.

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