Can Interview Panel Fail A Candidate In IBPS Po Interview

IBPS PO interview is for 100 marks. As an aspirant, you need to score 40% in the CWE exam to be eligible for the interview process. As per one of the interview panelist, they hardly fail any candidate in the interview; unless the candidate knows nothing.

Things usually considered in the interview:

The IBPS PO Interview process is of 100 marks, the basic segregation of marks is as follows

  • 5-10 marks: how you walk in for the interview and whether or not you greet the panelists.
  • 10-20 marks: how you introduce yourself and how you dress up (make sure you look simple and formal).
  • 10 marks: Are you able to answer basic questions based on your interview.
  • 10 marks: your knowledge as per your graduation subjects.
  • 10 marks: honesty (questions like if you get a better job, will you leave etc. Answer honestly)
  • 10 marks: how updated are you with current affairs
  • 10 marks: basic banking terms and concepts
  • 10 marks: questions based on situations (case study)

The only way you fail in an interview is if you reach an argument with the panel. They will try to get under your skin because they have to check your patience but you have to put your best foot forward and handle the situation in the best way. If they are grilling you then smile.

Remember they have already judged your knowledge in the CWE, they are judging your personality here.  The main aim of the screening process is elimination, not selection. If 600 candidates are in the interview for the post, it is obvious that thousands of candidates would have got disqualified during the recruitment phases.

Some common mistakes you can avoid that might get you disqualified during the interview process:

  • Not knowing about your choice: this is a must question, why bank PO. You should have a strong backing to your answer. Most of the aspirants fumble through it. Make sure you know your reasons through.
  • Not knowing about banking sector: The competition out is tough, so you need to present yourself as best. You should know basic terms of banking and concepts related to banking, the latest development in banking sector etc.
  • Being careless at GK: You should be up to date with latest 6 months news happening around the world. Your GK tells how aware are you about your surroundings.
  • Getting nervous: Don’t stress out. Not being nervous means you are confident about yourself and you can present yourself well, only if you are confident enough.

Remember more than the panel, your selection is in your hands. It’s just an interview, a friendly conversation. Be calm and composed. Put your best foot forward and you are good to go. Byju’s provide the aspiring candidates for more interview preparation tips for bank exams and for any other kind of assistance, Byju’s counselors are here to guide you.

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