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DRAM Full Form

What is the full form of DRAM?

The Full Form of DRAM is Dynamic Random Access Memory.

DRAM is a random access memory of a semiconductor that holds every bit of information inside a cell of a memory featuring a tiny capacitor and a transistor that operates using up the (MOS) technology. Since, DRAM can transfer its state from the 0 to 1 over a specified period caused by the charge leakage originating from the capacitor, DRAM can also be associated with the “Dynamic ” feature.

Features of DRAM

Meanwhile, let us look at the various characteristics that make up the Dynamic Random Access Memory. The validity of data in DRAM is too short. Computer memory to support this has to be of high capacity, even if low cost.

The size of the DRAM is smaller. It is also very slow in comparison to SDRAM. The power consumed by DRAM is also very less. It is a memory that needs the power to retain the data. When the DRAM has the power on, the data is retained while if there is interference of power, it is lost.

In order to bring this dynamic feature to a halt, DRAM calls for a refresh of the external memory, thus rewriting the information inside the capacitors, also bringing them back to their original charge. A typical DRAM features dozens to billions of DRAM memory cells.

Benefits of DRAM

  • When the program is operational, the DRAM memory cannot be renewed or erased
  • Cost of DRAM is much less than that of Static Random Access Memory
  • Storage capacity will be high for DRAM
  • DRAM is made use of to manufacture bigger RAM space for the system
  • Structure is more simple than the Static Random Access Memory

Limitations of DRAM

  • Slower than the Static Random Access Memory
  • Takes a lot of time to access the information
  • There is data loss when the power is switched off
  • Power consumption is more than Static Random Access Memory

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