Class 9 Physics Index

Class 9 Physics index given here lists all the topics discussed in class 9 Physics chapters. The listed index is prepared as per the NCERT textbook and the latest CBSE syllabus. Access free study material by clicking on the respective subtopics.

Why is this important?

Before the start of a new academic year, it is helpful to go through the course guide because of the following reasons:

  • It gives you an idea of the learning materials, core books, or reference books (if any) that you need for the new session. Knowing this helps you arrange all the required things in time.
  • A clear outline of the topics and learning areas that you will approach throughout the academic year will be presented to you.

Chapter 9 Force and Law of Motion

Subtopics covered under Class 9 Physics Chapter 9

9.1 Balanced and Unbalanced force

9.2 First Law of Motion

9.3 Inertia and Mass

9.4 Second Law of Motion

9.5 Third Law of Motion

9.6 Conservation of momentum

Chapter 10 Gravitation

Subtopics covered under Class 9 Physics Chapter 10

10.1 Gravitation

10.2 Freefall

10.3 Mass

10.4 Weight

10.5 Thrust

10.6 Archimedes principle

10.7 Relative density

Chapter 11 Work and Energy

Subtopics covered under Class 9 Physics Chapter 11

11.1 Work

11.2 Energy

11.3 Rate of Doing Work

Chapter 12 Sound

Subtopics covered under Class 9 Physics Chapter 12

12.1 Production of Sound

12.2 Propagation of Sound

12.3 Reflection Of Sound

12.4 Range Of Hearing

12.5 Applications Of Ultrasound

12.6 Structure of Human Ear

Class 9 physics opens doors to fascinating topics such as motion, gravitation, sound, work, power, and more. These topics are very important for students who wish to pursue a career in Physics discipline. Master these concepts and build a strong foundation to improve your expertise on the subject.

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