IBPS Interview Preparation Tips

This part is very scary for every candidate, because a question arises

What if I am not able to clear this Interview?

Then all my preparation, qualifying marks will be in vain.

No, because the candidates who clear the mains exam of IBPS PO are called for the interview, so this is the golden ticket for them because they are only one step from their final step.

So you must be wondering why an Interview, as I have already qualified 2 exams i.e prelims and mains before this interview.

The answer is Personality, Behavior and Leadership Quality.

So how to prepare

  1. Carry all your documents.

Make a checklist of what you have to carry.  Arrange them in an order, so that it gets easier for you and for the interviewer.

NOTE- Without proper documents you will not be able to attend the interview.

  1. Revise the main subjects of your UG/PG.

You may not have read about banking in your college so the questions from banking can be bypassed. But you must have read at least your subjects of UG, so the interviewers judge your sincerity from the answers you throw from your UG or PG.

  1. Don’t hesitate to say “NO”

It is not possible for everyone to know everything ,if you don’t know the answers of some questions, don’t try to answer them, answering those questions makes it worse, so in a polite away just say NO.

  1. Dress Well

Wear a decent dress. Try to wear a pair of formals.  

  1. Be what you are

This is what the interviewers try to look for in a candidate. Never say a thing that you don’t know this can lead you to a never ending and trouble discussion.

  1. Take good sleep before the night of Interview

Go early to the bed, don’t take stress and don’t take it casually. Enjoy the feeling of getting selected for the interview because you are among the luckiest ones who got selected for this last round.  

General Questions Asked for Interviews

  • Introduction of yours.
  • What does your father do?
  • Your hobbies and interest.
  • Why do you want to work in the Banking industry?
  • Tell me something about this organization?
  • Tell me five weakness and strength of yours.
  • If you did not get selected in the final examination, what would you do?
  • Do you have any location preferences?

List of things an interviewer looks into a candidate.

  •    The behavior of the candidate.
  •    Leadership Quality
  •    Ability to handle the pressures

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