IBPS Interview Marks Calculation

Institute of banking personnel selection IBPS the recruitment of the officers and the clerks for the Indian banks the IBPS as the particular phases of the selection procedure and these phases includes the common written examination (CWE)  and this comes under the preliminary examination, the phase-II is the mains examination this consist of the objective type and the descriptive type  and the third phase is the interview section.

The phase-I and the phase-II aspirants can easily calculate their total score because this is completely depended on the calculation part, most of the candidates who take the IBPS examination know about the negative marking and the cutoff marks and this is the important thing to know the total score of the candidate who takes the IBPS examination or any other bank examination.

But in the case of the IBPS third phase that is the interview, it is somewhat difficult for the candidates to calculate their total score and candidates are in the confusion that they don’t know whether they are qualified in the examination or not. To clear this confusion in you, we are giving the complete information regarding the calculation of marks of the interview section for the IBPS Preliminary examination 2017.

Below we are giving the calculation procedure for the interview section of the IBPS  examination 2017:

  • In the IBPS  the score of any particular candidate can be calculated and then it is normalised with the help of the equi-percentile method and then this score is taken on the normal scale.
  • All these are done because of the difficulty level in the examination of IBPS  in the different sessions.
  • After calculating all these things the 80% weightage is given to the common written normalized score and then the remaining 20% weightage is given to the interview that is out of 100 the score it is calculated.
  • For better explanation, we will give you the example. So let us consider an example, in the written examination consider a candidate scored about 120 out of 200 and then this score normalized using the equipercentile method after this procedure the marks obtained are 117. As it is 80% weightage based on the score it is 46.8.
  • This is how the common written examination score is calculated.
  • This particular candidate who got the score of 46.8 in the written examination and his performance in the interview is only average and out of 100 if e got the marks of 50 then as we know the 20% weightage then this candidate can get the score of only 10 marks in the interview section.
  • So by adding the written examination score and the interview score, the complete score will be about 46.5+10=56.5. So 56.5 is the total score of this particular candidate.
  • This score includes the mains examination score and the interview score.
  • This is how the IBPS  interview score is calculated.

Now we will give the tips on how you can score more marks in the IBPS  interview, so that there would no problem with the cutoff marks:

Even Though the candidates are scoring good marks in the interview but due to the cutoff marks most of the candidates are facing the problem in getting the job in the banking sector and we are here to help you out in solving the problems which you are facing and then getting a bank post in your life. Follow these tips and we are sure that you will be placed in the banking sector with the good jobs and the good career.

  • The most of the questions asked in the interview of IBPS are related to the news. So start preparing for the interview by now and get to know the more information related to the business and the current affairs, economy.
  • Make a habit of reading the local and the national newspaper daily, my suggestion is read the Indian Express and The Hindu newspaper.
  • This is the most important thing because they will ask the questions related to the current affairs and most probably in the ongoing topics.
  • The confidence plays an important role in the case of the interview and if you do not know the answer to the question they are asking about, then this definitely creates a problem to your confidence, ultimately you will be the looser because your performance is not good in the interview.
  • If you don’t like to read the newspaper then you can know all the current affairs using the internet also. There are many sources and the only thing you should know how to use these sources.
  • There are also chances of the interviewer asking questions from your resume too. You should be more aware of the things which you are mentioning in your resume, if you give any false information then this may be a good enough reason for the interviewer to reject you.
  • There should be some knowledge regarding your interests which shows how passionate you are about your career. It is better if your interests are related to the job requirements or similar to your core subjects.
  • Finally prepare more about the banking, when the interviewer asks about the banking questions, with your answers he will get to know how much interest you have in the banking job.

These tips are more than enough for the candidates who are preparing for the IBPS  and I am sure if you follow all these rules you will be selected for the IBPS  post.

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