IBPS Po Preparation Tips

How to crack easily?

As an aspirant, if you are reading this article it is obvious that you are preparing for the Bank Exams. You want to put your best foot forward and we are here to help you, to guide you through. IBPS is not a child’s play, every year Lakhs of candidates participate in it hoping for a secure job future. As a student, you have a busy schedule, you might be preparing for bank exams during your graduation due to time constraints.

When you are preparing for bank exams in various situations there is no time for stress. In fact, you should not stress because if you stress that definitely affects your performance in exams. The best strategy could be prepared but do not stress. Work out a good study plan, the one that is continent for you and helps you grasp the most out of it.

The following are some strategies that you can follow for efficient study plan:

Clear Concepts: Confusion is not an option.

We know all IBPS exams have negative marking, so confusion is not an option. Be clear with concepts because if a student who attempts 90% of the exam but is confused with the choices will score lesser as compared to the person who attempts 50% of the exam but is still confident about his answers.  Because the person who is clear with the concepts won’t be the victim of negative marking. Perfection is the key, one might not master all the sections but the sections you are good at, and you should be perfect at them.

Do not depend: On previous year’s cutoffs.

Students generally focus on previous year cut offs and think of clearing IBPS PO through the edge. Let us be clear here, to crack IBPS PO exam you need to score between 80 to 90 percentiles, the competition is very high.

Be observant all the time

You need to be highly observant during the preparation of the exam. Read every question carefully, be clear with what the question is asking from you. You need to be clear with the tricky questions as well. Segregate your sections go from easy to moderate then to difficult.

Focus on Prelims:

Most of the subjects in prelims are repeated again in Mains, so if you have clear concepts in your preliminary exams; you need to put less effort for Mains. This means having the opportunity to practice more.

Online mock tests:

You have to test your skills and the best way to do that is through taking frequent online mock tests. Find good websites that provide good mock tests also take those tests that have a time limit, this would improve your performance in Preliminary and Mains exams.

Study Time:

Some of us are morning people and some are night owls, figure out which one you are. If you are a morning person make your schedule in such a way that you study in the morning and if you are a night owl plan your studies according to it. Figure yourself out.

General Knowledge- The Newspaper

For GK you cannot depend on monthly editions, watch the news daily. Give 30 minutes to the newspaper daily; “The Hindu” provides all the latest news in a concise way. Watching news saves your time as well as gives you break from all the studying.

Study Plan for a year for IBPS PO:

This turned out to be the best study plan for the students who were able to crack IBPS PO, the most stress-free you can say.

  • Monday: Online mock test for Prelims + Quantitative Aptitude
  • Tuesday: Online mock test + Reasoning and GK
  • Wednesday: Online mock test + English and computers
  • Thursday: Online test + evaluate performance + detect weaker areas and work on them
  • Friday: work on sections you scored less
  • Saturday: work on sections you scored less
  • Sunday: at least 3 Mock tests

All the best for your exams. Keep up with your daily practice and don’t forget to believe in yourself, confidence is the key to success.

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