Prepare SBI Po Exam In 2 Months

At present, a huge tide of intelligent people are shifting towards the banking sector due to its huge career opportunities and quite obviously the foremost option that comes to everyone’s mind is the post for Probationary Officers.

SBI conducts its own exam i.e. the SBI PO Exam to recruit the Probationary Officers for its various branches across the country who would serve as Assistant managers after a probation of two years.

It has become a necessity for all the SBI PO aspirants to be a step ahead of the others since there is a huge competition for the Bank Exam. Often many candidates miss out the important time for the preparation and start to lose their confidence before the exam. But honestly, the SBI PO Exam can easily be cracked with a mere 2 months of serious preparation.

So a detailed preparation guide for all those candidates who have only two months to prepare is given here so that the thought of failing to crack the exam never crosses one’s mind.

The First Month:

  • Know the details: The initial step is to get very well acquainted with the details of the exam i.e. with the syllabus, the pattern, important dates and the duration of the tests.
  • Strategize the preparation: After knowing the syllabus and pattern, start the initial differentiation of the weak and strong topics and create a timetable for one month covering the entire syllabus.
  • Prioritize every section and topic: As the exam has a sectional and overall cut off, so it is very important to prepare every section properly and every topic should be covered completely, if possible.
  • Start Reading: This is the best way to enhance the English language skills by improving vocabulary, grammar and the comprehending capabilities. So read English newspapers, magazines, journals and follow a standard grammar book.
  • Follow news: This will ensure proper preparation for the General Awareness section in Mains. Watch news channels and read newspapers to get well versed with the recent happenings.
  • Make notes: This is also a very important habit as by making notes, the memory retention will also improve and the same notes can be used during the time of revision.

The Second Month:

  • Practice: This is the time to practice questions from whatever topics have been covered. So practice different types of questions along with solving various sample and previous years question papers to get well versed with the level of questions.
  • Take Mock Tests: The mock tests serve an excellent purpose by acquainting the candidates with the real exam scenario. Also, it will provide few more important questions to solve.
  • Revise: Take the earlier made notes and start revising the topics. Analyze the preparation and check if everything prepared is properly retained.
  • Keep following news: It is very important to know as much of the recent affairs especially the issues involving banking and financial matters.

So the above is all about the preparation strategies for the SBI PO exam. Some exam and basic interview related tips are also provided here so as the candidates can act accordingly and get the post of PO.

Exam Tips:

  • Manage time

As the exams have limited time with many questions, it is very important to manage the time. Assign time for every section and attempt all the sections with equal priority.

  • Be Accurate

Since the exams have a one-fourth negative marking scheme, this risk is a risk worth avoiding. Solve the questions with full accuracy and avoid guessing in the paper.

  • Follow Recurring Strategy

This is probably the best way to clear the exam with ease. Start with the easy questions by trying to solve half the questions from every section and then come back to the tougher ones. Check the section that has least attempted questions and start to solve from that section. Continue this cycle unless the time is over.

Interview Tips:

  • Be well dressed
  • Be punctual
  • Be Soft Spoken
  • Be relevant
  • Be well versed in the financial and banking issues
  • Be confident and maintain proper body postures.

With all these important tips for the SBI PO exam, this highly competitive exam can be cracked with ease. Be very focused and dedicated for these 2 months and success will surely follow.

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