IBPS PO Prelims Reasoning Ability Syllabus Blood Relations

Blood Relations is one of the key topics in the Reasoning Ability section for the IBPS PO Prelims exam. Aspirants preparing for the upcoming CRP Clerk exam can refer to this article to correctly attempt the blood relations based questions.

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Blood Relations for Reasoning Ability in Bank Exams

The questions which are asked in this section of Logical reasoning is based on Relation. One should have a good knowledge about the blood relation to solve the questions of this section.

To make one remember easily, the relations are mentioned in the table which are mentioned below:

  • Father’s/Mother’s father – Grandfather
  • Father’s/Mother’s mother – Grandmother
  • Father’s/Mother’s brother – Uncle
  • Father’s/Mother’s sister – Aunt
  • Children of uncle – Cousin
  • Wife of uncle – Aunt
  • Children of aunt – Cousin
  • Husband of aunt – Uncle

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Here we are providing question types and examples of Blood Relation which will help you understand the topic in a better way.

Type 1:

If X + Y the mother of Y is X , X x Y means father of Y is X , X $ Y means the brother of Y is X and X @ Y means the sister of Y is X then which among the options means A is the son of B?

  1. B + J @ A @ K  
  2. B + J $ A @ K
  3. B x J $ A @ K    
  4. B x J $ A $ K

Answer: (4)


B x R = the mother of J is B   [ – B, ±J ]

J $ A =  the brother of A is J  [ + J, ±A ]

A $ K = the brother of K is A  [ + A, ±K ]

Therefore the son of B is A.\

Type 2:

There are 3 children of X. The brother of Z is Y and the sister of W is Z , the wife of A which is E is the mother of D. The husband of E has only one daughter. Find the the relation between W and Y ?

  1. Y is the brother of W
  2. Y is the father of W
  3. Y is the uncle of W
  4. Y is the sister of W

Answer: (1)


So , D is a boy because E has only one daughter.

Therefore, Y is the brother of W .

Type 3:

Indicating to a man in a park Ajay said, “ The man is the child of the only child of my mom “ . How is Ajay related to the man in the park?

  1. Father
  2. Son
  3. Brother
  4. Cousin
  5. None Of These

Answer: (1)


The man in the park is the only child of Ajay’s mother, which means Ajay is the son. Therefore, Ajay is the man’s father.

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