IBPS Po Prelims Reasoning Ability Syllabus Blood Relations

The questions which are asked in this section of Logical reasoning is based on Relation. One should have a good knowledge about the blood relation to solve the questions of this section.

To make one remember easily, the relations are mentioned in the table which are mentioned below:

Father’s/Mother’s father – Grandfather

Father’s/Mother’s mother – Grandmother

Father’s/Mother’s brother – Uncle

Father’s/Mother’s sister – Aunt

Children of uncle – Cousin

Wife of uncle – Aunt

Children of aunt – Cousin

Husband of aunt – Uncle

Here we are providing question types and examples of Blood Relation which will help you understand the topic in a better way.

Type 1:

If X + Y the mother of Y is X , X x Y means father of Y is X , X $ Y means the brother of Y is X and X @ Y means the sister of Y is X then which among the options means A is the son of B?

  1. B + J @ A @ K  
  2. B + J $ A @ K
  3. B x J $ A @ K    
  4. B x J $ A $ K

Answer: (4)


B x R = the mother of J is B   [ – B, ±J ]

J $ A =  the brother of A is J  [ + J, ±A ]

A $ K = the brother of K is A  [ + A, ±K ]

Therefore the son of B is A.\

Type 2:

There are 3 children of X. The brother of Z is Y and the sister of W is Z , the wife of A which is E is the mother of D. The husband of E has only one daughter. Find the the relation between W and Y ?

  1. Y is the brother of W
  2. Y is the father of W
  3. Y is the uncle of W
  4. Y is the sister of W

Answer: (1)


So , D is a boy because E has only one daughter.

Therefore, Y is the brother of W .

Type 3:

Indicating to a man in a park Ajay said, “ The man is the child of the only child of my mom “ . How is Ajay related to the man in the park?

  1. Father
  2. Son
  3. Brother
  4. Cousin
  5. None Of These

Answer: (1)


The man in the park is the only child of Ajay’s mother, which means Ajay is the son. Therefore, Ajay is the man’s father.

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