Mistakes Candidates Make During Interviews

An interview is when the candidate meets with the officials of a certain company in which certain questions are asked during the recruitment process. It is probably the last stage of every selection process of any government bank job.

It is very important for a candidate to build a good impression on the interviewer but sometimes this does not happen and the candidates are rejected. This happens due to some mistakes caused by the candidates. In order to help the candidates with this, here are 8 points provided in this article to highlight the most common mistakes.

The mistakes are listed below:

  1. The Candidates are not acquainted about the Organization

The candidates must possess all the knowledge about the company before appearing for the interview. The candidate must also know about the work culture, hierarchy and about the functioning of the company.

  1. Improper or Informal Dress up

As the candidate is appearing for an interview, the attire is an important aspect. As we all know that, “The first impression is the last impression” so the candidate must wear formals while going for an interview. Make your hands-free and don’t carry unnecessary things apart from your file and a pen.

  1. Not arriving on Time

Time is the most valuable possession. Arriving on time shows that the candidate knows the value of time. The requirement is to just plan all the daily chores and arrive the interview venue on time.

  1. Speedy Walk

The candidates are required not to walk fast while entering the venue. The candidate needs to be calm and not to reveal their excitement for appearing in the interview. Walking at a fast pace or showing the excitement may not put a proper impression of the candidate.

  1. Being a vagabond

The candidate must not be wandering here and there. The candidate is required to sit and wait for his/her turn and not roam about in the premises unnecessarily.

  1. Bookish Answers

The interview does not only depend upon about the knowledge the candidate possesses. It is also based on various aspects apart from this. The candidate must avoid giving answers that they have mugged up from the books.

  1. Confidence Issues

Confidence is an important factor in all aspects of life. If a person lacks confidence, it becomes harder to tackle any situation. In an interview, if a person becomes nervous then they are not able to answer any question of the interviewer and becomes blank.

The chances of being rejected get higher if a person lacks confidence. On the other hand, overconfidence is also not good as it may be another reason to be rejected.

The candidate needs to have an audible and clear voice while answering the questions of the interviewer. It should also be ensured that the voice is not so loud and shrill.

  1. No proper Eye-Contact

The candidate must have a proper eye contact with the interviewer while answering the questions. This also shows the confidence of the candidates.

These are some common mistakes that are made by the candidates during the interview. The candidate should follow the preparation tips given and stay calm to clear the final recruitment procedures.

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