10 Common Mistakes Candidates Make During Interviews

In this article, we shall explore some common mistakes that candidates make during interviews. This will help candidates in working on their interview skills in the upcoming competitive exams.

There would be a time you made a mistake in an interview. Fret not it happens to the best of us.

An interview is when the candidate meets with the officials of a specific company in which certain questions are asked during the recruitment process. It is probably the last stage of every selection process of any Government exam.

A candidate needs to build a good impression on the interviewer, but sometimes this does not happen, and the candidates are rejected. This happens due to some mistakes made by the candidates.

In India, a major part of the people who are looking for a government job opts for various competitive exams and after performing well in the written examination, end up losing their spot during the interview level. The tips given in this article shall help candidates improve their communicative skills for the interview for the upcoming competitive exams.

What are the 10 Common Mistakes made by candidates during Interview?

To help the candidates for the upcoming competitive exams, here in this article, we bring forth 8 points to highlight the most common mistakes that happen during an interview:

1. Not knowing about the organization: Before appearing for the interview the candidates must know about the company he/she is going to join. Basic details such as the number of employees, when the company was founded, what are its functions etc. This will impress the interviewers and indirectly help in gaining more confidence for the candidates

2. Not Dress for the occasion: For a formal interview set up, an attire plays a key role. As they say goes “The first impression is the last impression”, hence it is advisable to wear formals when going for the interview. Travel light y not carrying anything one that might not need for an interview.

3. Not Being Punctual: Time, or rather its management, is an important factor for an interview: A candidate being punctual is an indication that he/she is serious about the job and knows the value of time. IIt is also a trait that must be followed during the exam phase as well. For the upcoming competitive exams, candidates must make sure that they arrive at the exam centre on time.

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4. Walking too fast: The candidates must not walk in a brisk and speedy manner at the interview venue. He/she needs to be calm and try to conceal their excitement (or nervousness). Walking in such a way may not necessarily put forth a good impression on the interviewer(s). Even the smallest of actions will be noticed and put under scrutiny so the candidates must be careful not to ruin their impression.

5. Being a vagabond: The candidate must not be wandering here and there. The candidate is required to sit and wait for his/her turn. Do not roam about in the premises unnecessarily.

6. Giving Bookish Answers: The bank interview does not only depend upon the knowledge the candidate possesses. It is also based on various aspects apart from this. The candidate must avoid giving answers that they have mugged up from the books.

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7. Confidence Issues: Confidence is an essential factor in all aspects of life. If a person lacks confidence, it becomes harder to tackle any situation. In a bank interview, if a person becomes nervous, then they are not able to answer any question of the interviewer and becomes blank.

Aspirants must, therefore, note that the Interview is not just a level of examination but also a way of analysing your attitude and approach to work. Thus, for the upcoming competitive exams, candidates must make sure that they spend sufficient time on not just studying for the written examination but also for the Interview.

The chances of being rejected get higher if a person lacks confidence. On the other hand, overconfidence is also not good as it may be another reason to be rejected.

The candidate needs to have an audible and clear voice while answering the bank exam questions of the interviewer. It should also be ensured that the voice is extremely loud or shrill.

The candidate needs to have an audible and clear voice while answering the bank exam questions of the interviewer. It should also be ensured that the voice is extremely loud or shrill.

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8. Eye-Contact

The candidate must have proper eye contact with the interviewer while answering the bank exam questions. This also shows the confidence of the candidates.

These are some common mistakes that are made by the candidates during the bank interview. The candidate should follow some interview preparation tips given and stay calm to clear the final recruitment procedures.

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Frequently Asked Question about Interviews


Is it okay to smile during an interview?

Excessive smiling in a job interview is seen for what it is — nervousness and a lack of confidence. A Smiley Face exudes phoniness, which will quickly be picked up by the interviewer. Instead be thoughtful and pleasant. Smile when there’s something to smile about.

Is it OK to bring notes to an interview?

It is 100 percent acceptable to bring notes to a job interview if those notes contain a list of questions you’ve prepared in advance to ask your interviewers. In fact, bringing this type of information to an interview demonstrates to the recruiter your genuine interest in the job opportunity.

What are the most common interview mistakes?

Common job interview mistakes

  •     Arriving late or too early.
  •     Inappropriate attire.
  •     Using your cellphone.
  •     Not doing company research.
  •     Losing your focus.
  •     Unsure of resume facts.
  •     Talking too much.
  •     Speaking poorly of previous employers.

What dress should a candidate wear for an interview?

Business formal is seen as the standard interview dress code, whether you are male or female. When you are interviewing for a job with a company that requires business formal, it is important to dress a little more formal than the company standard.

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